What OSR-RPG group is all about


Lucas asked if I would be willing to moderate this group and absolutely, I'm more than happy to be of service to help keep this group going. I hope we can get some great discussion going here. If you have any questions about the group - please ask!

What are you playing right now? Or what will you be playing this weekend?



No active games atm, despite best efforts.  (Life.) 

Tinkering with TBH, various takes on BD&D, AD&D 2e, a pile of Sine Nomine games, eyeing Troika ..


Is TBH = The Black Hack? What do you like about it?


Yeah, TBH is The Black Hack  -- specifically 1e; I have 2e and it has some nice additions, but I still use 1e (I guess that makes me a Hack grognard?  *snrk*)

I like the simplicity, mostly, when I'm just wanting to tinker around or write a quick conversion.  It's caught my attention the way S&W didn't entirely manage.  The introduction of the Utility Die mechanic was also very nice.

Highland Paranormal Society

Every monday I play in a 5e game. Not OSR system-wise but we played through Against The Cult Of the Reptile God and are playing in the Greyhawk setting now.

When I get a chance I run one shots of my own systems (which I think are kinda OSRish) or Knave. I recently ran a session of 5 Torches Deep, an OSR hack of 5e. It was fun. I used Necrotic Gnome's The Hole In The Oak and the BX stats worked with no conversion needed.


I'm running weekly Classic Traveller and WFRP 1E  games, as well as a very casual B/X game at work - always busy!


Interesting re: TBH. I'll have to give it a read. 

As for me, I'm running 3 games out of my Etinerra campaign world. We use AD&D 1st edition, with a healthy portion of houserules. I have a monthly tabletop group, a biweekly Discord/Roll20 group and a play-by-post (also on Discord) group. I also have a solo wargames campaign out of the same world.

I have a play-by-post game on the OD&D74 Proboard forum that uses my Swords & Wizardry Whitebox hack that implements the Ultima CRPG setting. 

I run a sporadic OD&D game with my wife - that's a one on one game. And I run a sporadic 5e game with the kids-in-the-house/wife, we're traversing the "Mines of Phandelver" module - very slowly!

Michael, the one who apparently is crazy...

Highland Paranormal Society

I really love TBH. It was the first game I felt I really understood the rules enough to make my own homebrew stuff with.
It's so simple and just begging to be customized.
The second edition is mostly the same rules but has a large GM section full of great tools and advice.


Yeah, being able to more or less interchange TBH 1e and 2e is grand, and I like the extra material in 2e even if it feels like it creeps closer to an implied setting (flavour) at times.

I just really like the 1e Armour Points more than 2e Armour Dice, lol.

Ray Otus

Howdy. In the past month I have played Delving Deeper, Microscope, Troika!, Tunnel Goons / Lords of Mars, Spooky House, and D&D 5e. Right now I am most interested in Delving Deeper (Oe D&D), and Troika! (Fighting Fantasy). Also reading a lot of gamer newsletters, mags, self-published games, etc. from 1974-1982.


Hello there! Not sure how this website works but here I am.

Ran some Electric Bastionland (preview pdf) yesterday, considering Troika! or going back to OD&D for my online group.
I'm looking for old-school referees with open tables or running one-shots that I could jump in to see new techniques and approaches to dungeon mastering - available on most weekend and some days of the week (I'm in France, for timezone matters)/


At the moment I am playing some Neoclassical Geek Revival through Discord with a couple of different persons.
While it isn't wholly based on classic D&D systems, I feel that it belongs in the OSR vein. It may just be the way that the GM is running the game.
That is the only OSR game that I am playing. 

I have taken the hexcrawl/sandbox mentality that is embedded in the movement and incorporated it into my D&D 5e game.
The players have commented how they appreciate the fact that the world is unfolding before them. How they find challenges of all levels, and that their actions have consequences and that they are allowed to interact with the world.
All different things that I have been working on to improve myself as a DM/GM in general.


I ran some Troika! last night. Had not run anything in a couple of months, so was nice to get back at it. 

Started with Fever Swamp, which I had been wanting to try for a while. Think I will run it more like a point crawl next time to match the pace of the system and the patience of the group.