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Hello OSPOTA Fans,

The 15th annual Ohio State Parks On The Air (OSPOTA) contest will be held on Saturday - September 10, 2022. This contest as always held on the first Saturday following the Labor Day holiday.

The OSPOTA contest was conceived with three main goals in mind:
1. To promote public awareness of amateur radio and Ohio’s beautiful state parks system
2. To contribute to the recognition that Ohio has a very diverse and wonderful ecology
3. To promote camaraderie within the ranks of Ohio’s Amateur Radio Operators

Your participation has allowed these goals to be achieved. We agree it is a lot of fun to get out in a natural setting with your radio and see how well you can do at working operators in the beautiful Ohio State Parks.

The contest hours will be from 1400 UTC to 2200 UTC (10 am to 6 pm ET). 

The contest committee has been busy going over the rules and information about the contest and there are some minor changes for 2021. 

Please be aware only Electronic (Cabrillo files) will be accepted for entries. No text, pdf, csv, adif, bin, photos of logs, paper, etc. Comparing contest logs is being changed and we need your log file in standard Cabrillo format. 

We hope this year’s OSPOTA is bigger and better. 

At this point, there will be 75 Ohio State Parks open for 2022. 

As in the past - you can let us know which State Park you plan on activating and we’ll keep everyone informed. Send your planned park info to: PlannedParks@ospota.org and please include the call to be used.

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