MTH- Closing



HI---The latest news is that MTH is closing its doors next June , since Mike Wolf is retiring !!!  If it is sold remains ????  In their last catalog, we will be buying for resale  the following 2R New England engines---“MEC” F-3’s, Powered A & Dummy B units, the popular Green & Gold paint scheme !!!!  Also, a “B&M” Alco S-2 in the Blue & Black scheme !!!  If interested in reserving any of these engines in either 2R or 3R, please call for pictures & prices !! These will have sound and can be run in DC or DCC !!  I can’t wait !!!!  Thanks, Norm---also, I’m still taking reservations for the Sunset GP-7/9 coming out in Dec. of this year !!!




Norm’s “O” Scale Trains


Physical Address {UPS/FedEX}

    41 Roosevelt Trail

    Casco, ME 04015

Mailing Address {USPS}

    P.O.Box 147

    So. Casco, ME  04077




Norm’s Layout Progress Video: