Fw: Asking for B&M equipmentall 2 rail

Sarah Flynn

I indicated earlier I would provide a price list to the Boston and Maine that I am offering for sale.  I am sorry for the delay.  I am open to best offers especially if you are buying several items.  You will need to cover the cost of shipping and pay if you return items.  I have not road tested all engines.  I bought used items on good faith declarations.  I would suggest lubricating before running.
I accept.payment by.postal money Orders.  No PAYPAL.

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Sent: Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 4:15 PM
Subject: Asking for B&M equipmentall 2 rail
LIONEL MOGOL 2 rl.                     $600

WEAVER P-2 PACIFIC 2 el.           $300  NIB

ATLAS SW 1200.   stripes              $250

ATLAS SW 1200. stripes.               $250

ATLAS. FB3 powered stripes.       $250

ATLAS RS3 Stripes                          $275

AHM. F7a. powered  stripes.           $ 50

3 ATLAS B&M 60ft coaches.         $150. NIB

4 MTH maroon cabeese 3 el.         $100

MTH GP7. 3-2 premium stripes.     $300