locked Bad Hobby Shop Experience

B Holtgrieve

I realize this is not the forum to post this, but hoping the owners allow it to stay to help you avoid my experience. 

Just passing along an experience I had with Blue Rail Hobbies in Farmer City, Il.  Believe you should avoid them like Covid.

I was looking online for some acrylic UP colored paint, which has been out of production a few years and hard to find apparently and this shop was the only one who advertised it. Actually in checking things out further, they advertised they have just about everything offered in the hobby. So, I ordered it and then the BS began.

After 2 weeks of hearing nothing I emailed and got a response of Covid delays. But, the next day I got a USPS "pre-shipment" notice. After a week of that notice never changing into a "shipped" I called the store. Got the owner and this time he blamed the delay on the PO (see below).

Subsequent calls were either not answered or answered by a young girl.

So, 1st email the owner blamed Covid.......reasonable.

1st phone call owner blamed their local PO, saying they used some shipping method where PO waits until they have enough packages from this shipper before they ship. Sounded like BS so I checked it out on the PO website and it was.

Next call and subsequent voice mails left brought an email response blaming delay on I looked the location up on google earth and he's in a very small town in between Chicago and St. Louis......riots...right.

So, I called the local PO and they said I was the 8th to 9th caller in the past 2 weeks with the same problem and suggested I contact the postal examiner....which I have.

On one of my subsequent calls answered by the young girl, as she started in with excuses I let her know I already checked them out and they were lies....she hung up.

So, I contacted our bank and told them the problem and asked them to reverse the charge. It took 2 weeks for them to review, but got notice yesterday they did.

Checked online reviews yesterday and there are nothing but the same horrible experiences with the young girl hanging up or even cursing the caller.

Just wanted to pass this experience along. It will be a frustrating experience you might want to avoid. I've never run into a hobby shop this deceitful, but this seems to be there SOP.