For sale Micro engineering code 125 Nickel Silver rail.


Have a bundle of 99 feet of micro engineering nickel silver rail would like to sell the bundle.  Price $75.00 shipped in the continental 48 states.  If interested please send an email.  Pictures available if needed.

Paterson Silk Mill Shadowbox Run: 27-1/2" Long, Multiple Heights

Douglas P. Pitney

We received an order for the 4-story version O Scale of our Paterson Silk Mill 27-1/2" long shadowbox so are doing a run of all four heights that we produce. The heights are 2-story (7-3/8), 3-story (10-5/8"), 4-story (13-7/8") and 5-story (17-5/8"). The long shadowbox is made up of a nominal 12" long section on the left and right, and a 4-1/4" long section in the middle that is 1/8" proud of the left and right sections. In this run, the middle section will have a single centered entrance door.

The exciting aspect of this model is that we can custom design the location of doors, entrance doors, and freight doors. We also offer two styles of prototypical windows. You may select clear, translucent or Roscolux Grey glazing. This run of the three-section model will only be available with the casino stone cornices. All of our shadowboxes have individual floors and ceilings, and this shadowbox has three areas per floor that can be lighted individually. If you wish, we can provide 12DC LED strip lighting in the ceilings.

At the moment we are cutting one each of the four heights. Additional shadowboxes will be made if orders are received by close of business on June 24, 2020. Prices are as follows and exclude packaging and shipping costs. Pickup at our shop in Chatham, NJ is always preferred and we ship nationally using USPS Priority Service with the finished product double boxed.

27-1/2" x 7-3/8"  Shadowbox Set- UNLIT WH-03-2 SET-O-SB UNLIT 160.00
27-1/2" x 7-3/8"  Shadowbox Set- LIT WH-03-2 SET-O-SB LIT 200.00

27-1/2" x 10-5/8" Shadowbox Set- UNLIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB UNLIT 210.00
27-1/2" x 10-5/8" Shadowbox Set- LIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB LIT 265.00

27-1/2" x 13-7/8" Shadowbox Set- UNLIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB UNLIT 260.00
27-1/2" x 13-7/8" Shadowbox Set- LIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB LIT 330.00

27-1/2" x 17-15/8" Shadowbox Set- UNLIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB UNLIT 315.00
27-1/2" x 17-15/8" Shadowbox Set- LIT WH-03-4 SET-O-SB LIT 400.00

The photos below give you an idea of the possible variations. If you are interested in placing an order, please email me at toddmodel@... and provide your telephone number and best time to reach you. This run is in production with scheduled completion the first week of July, 2020.

Doug Pitney
Todd Architectural Models

On30 San Juan Cars F/S

Tony Reidpath <bigtony110@...>

I have the following On30/On3 San Juan items for sale. 

4 x Undecorated Cramps Tank Cars
1 x UTLX Tank car #88013, brakewheel broken (purchased in this state)
4 x D&RGW Drop Bottom Gondolas # 805, 875,753, 796
1 x 6000 series Flat Car with Model A, limited edition #22/100

Extra wheel sets, couplers and some parts also included. 

All 10 cars as a single lot, USD750 including international postage. 

Payment via PayPal  

Thank you. 





It was difficult to arrive at an asking price for most of these items. If you think something is out of line, I will consider offers.
Shipping is additional. Prefer payment by PayPal but will accept a money order, or personal check with shipment held until check clears.
Jeff Pletcher
Centennial, CO
Max Gray brass #125 32' Box Trailer.   $40
One of my early hand-brushed paint jobs, you will probably want to at least touch up, maybe redecorate. 
If you redecorate and stick with MoPac prototype, I have two different decal sets for $5 each, or both for $8:

Lionel #6827-100 Harnischfeger Power Shovel.   $35
Like-new condition, has only been out of the box for inspection. Disassembled as it comes from manuf., easy assembly. Plastic. Includes instructions and information booklet on prototype. 

Quality Craft (their #527?) built-up covered hopper kit, PRR. Has been run very little.      $25
Kadee couplers, Athearn plastic sprung trucks. Painted Scalecoat MofW Grey. I substituted sturdier plastic corner posts & end braces for the flimsy wooden ones included in the kit.

Atlas #6203 L&N boxcar. Modified as explained below. Has been run very little.        $25
I "back-dated" this car by spray-painting over the Atlas factory decoration (with All-Nation L&N Blue) and relettering with Walthers "Old Reliable" decals. Added weight, Atlas scale wheels, & Atlas operating couplers (car was purchased as tinplate). I also removed the excess plastic on the pins where the ladders attach to the car so that they lie more realistically closer to the car sides and ends.

All-Nation #3620 built-up caboose kit. Has been run very little.        $30
Marketed as C&O prototype, I modified to MoPac Magor Car Co. prototype. Track-powered interior lights did not operate at last try, but the bulb is easily pulled through the floor to service. Marker lights and jewels are included but I didn't install, and forgot to include in photo. Has metal leaf spring trucks that came with kit (not sprung) and Kadee couplers.
DSC_0897 - Text.JPG

Pecos River #SB-0115-3 MoPac 50' Double door plastic express boxcar.          $35   
Box is water damaged, but model is undamaged, since it has been kept in original plastic sleeve and molded styrofoam packaging. Like-new condition, never run, except brake wheel is broken off, needs reattached.

Weaver Quality Craft Models, two plastic “fall-together” hopper cars, like new:
#907 36' Offset side 2-bay hopper, Texas & Pacific.                 $15

#1051 36' Rib-side covered hopper "sand car," grey.               $15
Car cover is removable to make an open-top hopper. Reporting marks say "MW." Can readily be redecorated to conventional hopper.

WTB Atlas caboose BNSF

Steve S

Hi all “looking to buy atlas latest run BNSF caboose!” Let me know the price and send pictures! Thanks in advance...

WTB Atlas O SW9 sounds/decoder board


 Gang, I believe I fried the sound portion of my atlas O SW9 switcher.  this is the QSI set up. The easiest and quickest way for me to rectify this would just be to find somebody that has a board assembly for sale, probably from a unit they replaced the QSI system with something else.   If you happen to have one in your box of goodies, and want to part with it,  please let me know. Thanks, Bruce in mount airy Maryland 

Re: For Sale Sunset 3rd Ray PRR Q2 - with or without DCC installed

Ed Rappe

The Sunset Q2 has a buyer.


For Sale Sunset 3rd Ray PRR Q2 - with or without DCC installed

Ed Rappe

For sale is a Sunset PRR Q2 4-4-6-4 in excellent appearing and operating condition.  The cab roof is painted DGLE per PRR porotype practice.  The locomotive can be purchased as a straight DC locomotive - or with a Train Control System 501 WOW DCC sound decoder installed.  Price DC: $900, DCC equipped $1050.  Buyer pays actual shipping cost.  Williamsburg, VA pickup can be arranged (+ optional layout tour). 

PFM Single Window Peaked Roof Long Caboose Wanted

William Reed


Looking for a PFM brass single window peaked roof long caboose. If you have one you'd can part with please let me know. Thanks.

aka drgwk37 

FS: On30 Scale Freight Car Underframes (Bachmann #'s 29906 & 29907) #'s

John Schaub

On30 Scale
BACHMANN Freight Car Underframes
Factory Sealed Blister Packs, three frames 
in each package. Details: easily interchangeable
with older style 25'6" underframes, creates lower
profile for more realistic appearance, bolster adapter
bushings for use with inverted arch bar trucks (not included).

Up for sale:

Item No. 29906 Black Underframes $21.95 each (3 kits available)

Item No. 29907 Oxide Red Underframe $17.95 (1 kit available)

Shipping & Handling: Based on zip code (CONUS)

Payment Method: Pay-Pal 

Buy today, shipped by Tuesday.

John Schaub
PO Box 521
Arlington, Vermont 05250
802 774 8412

Repair & DCC installers?


So looking to have some possible repair work and DCC / Sound installed on/in a 2 rail Sunset / 3rd Rail articulated. Maybe a number change on a tender. Suggestions of who to seek?  Please be honest and fair. If you can not recommend, just don't.   Let's not get negative or nasty. I looking for the great.  Thanks, Bruce in Mount Airy, MD    

Re: On3 Items for Sale

John Schaub

PSC log buggy kit was sold.

FS: Company Row House kit from Weaver


This is a plastic “Company Row House” kit that builds into a small  2-story residence with a footprint of about 4x6 plus porch & stairs.  It is in “new” condition with all parts still sealed in the original bag with original staples.  The kit was part of Weaver’s original run a number of years ago.  Great for kit-bashing or just build “as-is”.  Asking $39.00 plus postage from 07027.  A picture of the kit is below.



Any questions, email me directly at: bcaustin5@... (prior customers note that this is a new address).  Payment by PayPal (PAF), personal check, and most everything in between.




According to my inventory list, I have 2 of them.  Will sell for $20.00 each plus postage.  Let me know if you want one or both and I will track them down.  I was an Intermountain dealer for many years and have a number of still "new" items squirrelled away.


On Fri, Jun 19, 2020 at 8:48 PM L. Michael Rahilly <lmrahilly@...> wrote:
Looking to buy an InterMountain undecorated 1937 AAR 40’ steel box car kit with W corner post.  Thanks.

Michael Rahilly 
Mount Laurel, NJ


L. Michael Rahilly

Looking to buy an InterMountain undecorated 1937 AAR 40’ steel box car kit with W corner post.  Thanks.

Michael Rahilly 
Mount Laurel, NJ

Sold: MRC eight-amp DCC system

Brian S.

Update to inform all this lot is sold. Many thanks!


On Jun 15, 2020, at 18:33, Brian <mindthecat@...> wrote:

MRC Prodigy Advance DCC System for a three power district railroad. Includes 3.5amp base and tethered controller, 2 wireless controllers and the dongle that plugs in the base, 3 eight-amp boosters, and a computer interface. Instructions, cables, &c. Last I tested an Atlas loco, it worked after swopping some cables around so you have to test the cables again since all are included. “Ran when parked.” I also will include a six and eight pin crimper to make cables to length for your application or to replace any that are wonky. $250 for the lot plus shipping from 17307.










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On3 Items for Sale

John Schaub

Precision Scale Co., Inc. 
On3 Log Buggies 
Brass and Metal Components
Cat.No.  PSK-9011
New Old Stock (Sealed Package)
Kit Makes Two Complete Buggies

$50.00 plus $10.00 flat rate shipping
Pay-pal Accepted.

Questions, we're here to help.

John Schaub
PO Box 521
Arlington, Vermont 05250


802 774 8412

Northwest Shortline 26" On3 gauge wheels 37843-4

John Schaub

Northwest Shortlines (NWSL/110 Tread)
Cat. No. 37843-4 26" On3 wheels Nickel Silver
4 axle sets, fits Bachmann On30 and San Juan On3
New Old Stock

$25.95 postage paid (CONUS) Pay Pal

John Schaub
PO Box 521
Arlington, Vermont 05250

802 774 8412



Last One! - Wyandotte Chemicals Corp. 40 foot, 18,000 gallon tank car.  It is in “new” condition, remains in the original packaging, and includes trucks & couplers.  This is a colorful silver car with black mid-stripe and frame and tri-color lettering.  Asking $28.00 plus postage from 07027.  A picture of the car is below.  This was manufactured by Weaver a number of years ago.    



Any questions, email me directly at: bcaustin5@... (past customers note that this is a new address).  Payment by PayPal (PAF), personal check, and most everything in between. 

On30 goodies for sale

Jim King

(2) brand new, never run, never out of the box, Bachmann On30 4-6-0s, DCC ready, steel cab, black, unlettered.  $95 each + postage.

(1) "" wood hopper, laser kit, new, complete, paper bag opened to inspect parts.  $28 + postage.

(4) Bachmann #29901 arch bar trucks.  3 are in unopened blister packs, 1 was opened and taped closed when I received it (no parts missing).  $10 each + postage.

Contact me off-list, please.

Jim King