Atlas Trinity 5161 covered hoppers for sale

Jason Borda

I have the following Atlas trinity 5161 covered hoppers for sale. All cars are $72.00 each.

Will  also discount to $420.00 and free shipping to anyone interested in all 6 cars.

Carrier    Unit No.            Manufacture    Mfgr. Item No.    Make            Details                        Condition
Cargill    CGEX 1408            Atlas                3001114-4        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-3 rail    New
BNSF    BNSF 475711         Atlas                30021002-7        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-2 rail  New
BNSF    BNSF 476742         Atlas                30021002-8        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-2 rail  New
UP        CHTT 721026          Atlas                3001116-2        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-3rail    New
UP        CMO 21610             Atlas                3001111-3        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-3rail    New
UP        CMO 21631             Atlas                3001111-4        Trinity    5161 Covered Hopper-3rail    New

Jason    970-531-7679

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