FS: Like New Atlas 2R Hoppers (Cylindrical & PS 4427)

Bill McBride

For sale: Like new Atlas 2R Cylindrical Hoppers $35 each or $30 each for two or more plus exact cost of insured shipping.

I just have too many hoppers!

The Sterling Salts hopper has been weathered lightly (not by me) with an airbrush, wheels and couplers done as well.  Paypal preferred but check or MO okay. Thanks for looking. Photos in my folder:


Atlas      6309-2  3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Sterling Salts       SHPX 61164

Atlas      7318-1  3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Cumberland Chemical     SHPX 60771        

Atlas      7324-1  3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper Arco Polymers    DYLX 1001

Atlas      7329-2  3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper TP&W    17007     

Atlas      7317-2  3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper CSX        226018 

Atlas      7339-2  6-Bay Cylindrical Hopper               UP/MP  710364 

Atlas      7337-1  6-Bay Cylindrical Hopper BN          445018


PS 4427 Hoppers are $40 each or $35 each if buying another car from me.

Atlas      7378-3  H PS 4427            Soo Line               70181   

Atlas      7378-4  H PS 4427            Soo LIne              70193   



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