O Scale Cars For Sale

Bill McClung

Hi Folks,
Below are a number of 'O' Scale cars, all are in new condition unless noted.  All have been in storage for a number of years.
Price noted plus shipping.
Louisiana & Arkansas    '37 AAR single door box car by InterMountan.  Road number 15703.  Box is faded   $40.00
SAL                                '37 AAR single door box car by InterMountain.  Road number 19628.  Grabs are broken on one side.
                                       This started out as a kit.                                                                         $20.00
C of G                            '37 AAR single door box car by Atlas.  Road number 6001.    $45.00
                                        "                                                                    "            6045     $45.00
PRR                                X-29 single door box car by Atlas.  Road number 504607    $45.00
URTX                            40' wood reefer.  This is the brass pilot model for the reefers imported for Larry Muir back in the early 90's.
                                      No box, no couplers, no trucks or wheels.  $150.00
ITS  Tipo Wine            40' wood reefer used in wine service in the Italian Swiss Colony paint scheme produced by Red Caboose.
                                    This is a sample model, no label on box.    $35.00
C of G                           42' flat, black & C of G info printed, road number not applied by Red Caboose, decals included for road                             number. Factory paint and printing.   3 available.  $30.00 each
Undec Black paint        42' flat, painted black, no lettering by Red Caboose.  2 available  $30.00 each
SP                                42' flat by Red Caboose, road number 42675.  $30.00
PFE                              40' wood reefer by Red Caboose in the double colored herald scheme. $35.00
PFE                              40' wood reefer by Red Caboose in the post '52 scheme, road number 95784. No couplers & no label.
FGEX                            40' wood reefer by Red Caboose, two available:
                                      road number 57548 fair condition, damage to box at one end, A end of car has damage to paint from
                                      packing material & no couplers  $20.00 
                                      road number 57512, no couplers but in good condition.  $35.00
Thank you for looking,
Bill McClung

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