FS: Weaver 50 ft. Outside braced sliding door boxcars (undecorated)

Robyn Watkins <carolinarail@...>


I have 13 undecorated Weaver outside braced sliding door boxcars for sale. These cars have recently been assembled for 2-rail use and are equipped with Kadee #740s (with the trip pins clipped) and Quality Craft #705 trucks. While the cars have been assembled, none of the parts are glued together. No weights have been added, as proper weights were never found for these cars.

I'm asking $10.00 per car (postage not included), or take the whole lot for $115.00, postage included. I accept PayPal, check or money order. If interested, or want more photos, contact me off-list at carolinarail@... .

Thanks for your interest.

Robyn Watkins (CarolinaRail)

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