Pecos River Brass intermodal sets for sale

Jason Borda

Pecos River Brass intermodal sets for sale.

I have two new Pecos River Brass intermodal sets that both include brass containers. Both seta are in excellent condition and have never been used or put on a track to my knowledge still in original box. All brass with amazing detail and factory paint on the cars and containers.

PRB Item no.                                                                                                                          Road no.
4565                  Trailer Train/ SP Versi-Tainer 5 unit double stack w/Bulkheads         DTTX 63285

4568                  Sealand               5 unit double stack w/Bulkheads                               CSXT 620294
Note:      (Original box lid had a minor tear on 2 corners, but has been repaired and fully protects the contents inside)

Will sell each set for $1675.00    free shipping within contiguous 48 states

If interested please contact me off list via phone or email.
Contact Info
(970) 531-7679

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