For sale Missouri Pacific E6 A&B by SSM 3rd models New in box. 2 rail version

William Basden

Item has been sold pending payment.

For sale is a very nice set of Missouri Pacific E6 A&B # 7002   by  SSM 3rd rail  this is te 2 rail version.  These are factory painted in the MP Eagle Blue ---  Eagle Gray and yellow striping .
Has photo etched stainless nose shield on the nose.

Includes open and closed pilots . The prototype ran at times with solid Pilots in blue paint. as well as gray.

these has the light  package  and QSI sound system.  I open the box and ran about 2 ft took photo and put back in the boxes, will be shipped in original SHP carton via USPS Priority mail .

Please note the quantity that were produce, there were very few made .  So here is your chance if you missed out

to purchase these fine models.

I am asking firm 1650.00.. + 35.00 shipping Payment via PayPal or check ship when clears.  My PP user ID is wba2485811@...
You may contact me via phone 503 443 5230 or text message.

Thanks for you interest
Bill Basden  Delta Models

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