This group serves as a free market to sell or buy O scale 2-rail and Proto48 items only. Related items can be media pertaining to Proto48 or O Scale 2-rail as well as electronic items such as DCC. Non-conforming posts will be rejected. No 3-rail allowed unless it can easily be converted to 2-rail!!

This group is for direct selling, from seller to buyer with no intermediary. No links to other "Selling" sites like eBay are permitted and the posting will be rejected. A set price should be listed with your item(s) and include the form of payment you accept. No price listed may mean no sale. Trade offers are allowed but you must list what you are willing to trade for.  Please indicate whether returns are allowed or not.  List all forms of payment you will accept.  I strongly suggest that you not use Paypal Friends and Family to pay someone. Use a form of payment that gives you some sort of insurance if the seller is not honest with you or if the item is list/damaged in the shipping process.

Please, no sob story along with your listing. Any comment's about someone's work do it off list or in one of the other groups. If you have a question about an item that benefits everyone then the posting will be allowed. Always include your full name at the end of the post.

You can post 'wish lists' or requests for particular items you are seeking. If you have a large number of items for sale I suggest posting the items via an Excel or Word file in the files section. Please update your 'sell' lists regularly.

If you sell your item please reply to your original for sale e-mail and include the "SOLD" notice for the appropriate item(s)in the subject heading or the body of the e-mail. Try not to list all of your items again in a Sold notice. Unless prices or selection have substantially changed, do not post items more often than once a week.

All posts are moderated to avoid spamming, inappropriate materials, flaming, and to confirm they follow the group's posted rules. Please enjoy and use this list to find that special item or sell your surplus Proto48 or O Scale items 2-rail items.

NOTE: Hobby shops and other dealers are welcome to sell items here. Items must be offered directly to members here. Shop/dealer links in postings are permitted, but must accompany items for sale.

Have fun

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