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ORIONastronomy is the open-membership news group of Oak Ridge Isochronous Observation Network (ORION).  Visit our web home at http://www.ORIONinc.org/ or https://www.orionastronomy.wordpress.com   ORION supports science research and teaching at Tamke-Allan Observatory (TAO) and amateur astronomy in East Tennessee. We facilitate the study and enjoyment of astronomy and we strive for an accurate understanding and appreciation of astronomy and related physical sciences in our community.

ORION works to share the wonders of the cosmos and the culture of science to people from all walks of life. There is no charge for membership in our news/discussion group, where members maintain a friendly, cooperative spirit.

Some ORION members volunteer as hosts at TAO. Volunteers at TAO use their knowledge and equipment to help others experience the joys of discovery and to enhance learning about the night sky and it's astronomical objects. They are volunteer hosts of the observatory, and consider themselves ambassadors on the subject of Astronomy. They recognize that only if we make Astronomy a positive and enlightening experience will people support TAO and develop respect for maintaining a scientific and educational perspective.

Meetings are held in the Goff Building Auditorium of the Oak Ridge Campus, Roane State Community College on the third Wednesday of each month, and Public Stargazes on first and third Saturdays at TAO. ORIONastronomy is open to anyone who enjoys astronomy.

      Visit ORION's web home at http://www.ORIONinc.org/ or https://www.orionastronomy.wordpress.com

     Tweet about astronomy to our Twitter home -- @ORIONastronomy

     For Stargaze information, visit Tamke-Allan Observatory or see http://www.roanestate.edu/obs/ or http://www.roanestate.edu/tao/.
     To join the news group, send an email to ORIONastronomy+subscribe@groups.io, or visit https://groups.io/g/ORIONastronomy

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