Event: Wednesday Night 6M Net - 08/10/2022 #cal-reminder

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Reminder: Wednesday Night 6M Net

9:00pm to 9:30pm
(UTC-04:00) America/New York

DFMA 53.610 MHz Repeater 88.5PL

Organizer: Durham FM Association k4vo.nc@...

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Open Weekly Ragchew with occasional interesting thought provoking topics...
Early check-ins might start around 8:45 PM.
Home of the "Comments of Comments". Second chance.


boB - K4VO

We had 6 Check-in's to this 337th DFMA Wednesday Night  6 Meter Net. 
The Net started at 9:00 PM.
K4VO               boB Net Control
KU4GC            Dee
W4FK              Bob
KJ4UZU          Clint
KJ4VWG         Sam  (one and done)
K2UCU           Tom
Tonight's Discussion Topics:
What have you done since the last time you were on the net?
Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?
Net ended around 9:44 PM
Conditions were good.
 K2UCU - Tom was our Honorary Caboose or The Last Man Standing tonight.
Respectfully submitted
boB K4VO