Ed Best

SCHOOL DAYS It’s already August. Shortly the kid’s will be heading back to school. There was a day when school did not start until September. But things have changed. In those days, and even more so in decades before, school did not start until the crops were in out of the field. When most of America was rural, that is the way it was done. The kids were needed to help with the harvest. Life was harder then, but it could be argued that it was better. But truthfully, it may not have been. At least not in all ways. But some things have not changed. Those of us that work with radio, electronics, electricity, or even tall objects should know the value of good grounding. Good grounding will usually prevent bad things from happening Now if you happen to live near a TV tower, you might wonder as you watch a summer storm roll through and see multiple strikes. Still, it does seem to stay on the air. The July issue of QST has a good article on page 34 on one station’s grounding project. Hope your summer of operating is going well.

73, Ed-AK4W