Billions Of People Are Affected By This & They Don't Realize It | Dr. Robert Malone. Totalitarian Tip-toe in its advanced stage... By plasmaglyphs ·
Some doctors saw the truth a century ago,, they've known of the adverse outcome of Vaccines,, yet they continue in Myths they promote. By plasmaglyphs ·
Dry Campers FYI By dzp ·
100 Years of Conspiracy to Destroy American Freedom ,, The formation of the Federal Reserve was a springboard for Cabal Criminals... By plasmaglyphs ·
Dirty Vaccine Secrets Revealed & Big Pharma Lies Exposed - Dr. Russell Blaylock Interview from 2014,, highly revealing for now. By plasmaglyphs ·
Three important interviews from World View Weekend: PCR 95% false positives; Covid-jabs are hurting immune systems; UN aiding border insurgents. By plasmaglyphs ·
DAMNING evidence revealed that shows the crypto ecosystem is a massive FRAUD, 2 messages By plasmaglyphs ·
The tyranny of the White Lab Coats,, The Rise of Hitler and the Eugenics Movement, born out of "The Administrative State".. Parallels Covid-Medical Tyranny. By plasmaglyphs ·
[PRATHER]: Hazy, Lazy, Crazy or READY? By plasmaglyphs ·
Steel truth or just the tip of the iceberg? 2 messages By plasmaglyphs ·
Or is David Martin someone who has watched closely as evil people have positioned themselves for this time??? By plasmaglyphs ·
, Is he a Masonic Shill? is Dr. David Martin controlled Opposition??? By plasmaglyphs ·
Mode-RNA (Moderna) got its funding under a grant from NSF to explore solution to a post Extinction Level Event.. By plasmaglyphs ·
Another clue of covid-Plandemic being an institutionally coordinated medical catastrophe,, medical malpractice.. By plasmaglyphs ·
Dr Andrew Kaufman - OMICRON Scariant --- Computer generated scamdemic !!!! By plasmaglyphs ·
Huge new study shows ZERO Covid deaths of healthy German kids over 4 or adolescents,, in a nutshell: SAY NO To mRNA !!!!!! By plasmaglyphs ·
COVID Epidemiology: -- the vaccinated as a source of transmission -- By plasmaglyphs ·
America's Frontline Doctors would like you to Meet Robin By plasmaglyphs ·
SAFIRE project update.. By dzp ·
Catherine Austin Fitts interviewed on the Truman Show.. Interview reveals Amazing informed.. By plasmaglyphs ·
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