Munitions against America- Behind the Ukraine War and Infowar on Americans From George Eliason 2 messages By plasmaglyphs ·
How can The West - not see - aggression in Ukraine's squeezing of people out of The Donbass? By plasmaglyphs ·
President Putin Calls out The West Declares independence of the two Donbass Republics, By plasmaglyphs ·
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Dr. Robert Malone says attorneys are looking at legal cases against Big Tech as their suppression of adverse events prevented true informed consent By plasmaglyphs ·
Segments from Sen. Ron Johnson's Covid-response review panel -- Covid-vax$ doing harm, but institutions & government did not want to know. By plasmaglyphs ·
Whistleblower Doctor Allegations: No Excess Mortality Prior to jab rollout By plasmaglyphs ·
"2000 Mules" ---- EXPLOSIVE New Surveillance Footage of Ballot Drop Boxes By plasmaglyphs ·
Steve Kirsch went up againts FDA, CDC & NIH who were suppressing treatment solutions.. By plasmaglyphs ·
Covid-Vaccine program would have been stopped in February 2021 due to excessive deaths, but for CDC/FDA conflict of Interests. By plasmaglyphs ·
Covid-Vax & Concerns on Reproductive Health,, Pregnant Women, Children & their Children. Covid-Response Panel : Second Opinion -- segment By plasmaglyphs ·
Functionality Problems when accessing from some devices... By plasmaglyphs ·
“We’re being killed by omission and commission. Masks are purely psychological warefare, not medical By plasmaglyphs ·
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