World war three has already started. - Rick Wiles of Trunews


Please ponder what Russia's Medvedev said here.

From TruNews

You are the idiots he speaks of, if you funded Arms to Ukraine.
We will not forgive you

World war three has already started. I’m not waiting for it to start; I’m waiting for it to end. We’re in it. The ending is not going to be nice.
And we have Ukraine's funding-partners in The US Congress to thank for Poking the Bear.

The coming Armageddon is a product of our duopoly of war mongers in congress and stealing the White House
Russia’s Medvedev Quotes Revelation 9:18 in Response to West Arming Ukraine
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The context is America's government continuing to provide weapons to Ukraine and taking other measures to further threaten Russia's Sovereignty,,, such as backing a coup attempt in Kazakhstan and now an attack on Armenia...

It all started after the US-backed Ukraine coup of 2014..

But you won't here those details from LameStreamMedia.