What was behind the scamdemic,,, Hear what insiders said when pressed by ex FBI Agent Hal Turner..


The Archive of this show has been recovered to the following link so the rescued segments at the end of this message are only there temporarily...


The following high-point is worth noting to formulate your next ballot decision...

What was behind the scamdemic,,, what motivated the west and other countries to risk total collapse.. Hear what insiders said when pressed by ex FBI Agent Hal Turner..

Think of it as an orchestrated bailout of the collapsing dollar,, is how one part of the explanation went,, another aspect was to save the Euro..

And now an alternate dominant global banking system has taken off in response but the end game could be a real rough ride for those who are on the wrong footing...
Their prepping for war and populations in the west are being kept uninformed...


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Hal's archive got lost so here is what i recorded of the last portion,, off-air ,,, online segment.
These files were uploaded in the rescue effort to restore the show's lost episode to the archive..
It probably was not used,,, but its the thought that counts... And more people got to hear this information
and refer back to his programs at Hal Turner Radio Show..
(Listeners / redears beware he is as vulnerable to bad information as anyone else outside the DeCeption Cult at the core of America's Eastern Establishment..)

part 0-1
is the beginning of his explanation of what he was told by market insiders.. (for what its worth)

part 0-2 sign-off segment

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