True The Vote 2020


Watch the True The Vote 2020 Video

Watch as Catherine Engelbrecht the founder of True The Vote exposes
those who are trying to subvert our election system. See how her
organization is taking action now to stop the corruption and save America.

America's political environment is corruption stack on corruption
stack on deception stacked on institutionalized self delusion,,
made so apparent in this mornings CBS This Morning program
where Dan Rather was wrestling with the reality that more people
get their info from independent sources than from LameStream Media..

He said nothing about NDAA and other legislation which allows
the government to transmit propaganda through FCC regulated
media outlets..,, You say What???? More on that later.
Dan Rather was also part of the run-up to war media effort, post 9/11,
which sold the American people the false WMD threat while they
censored protests and silenced contrary evidence on the events
surrounding and including the 2001 supposed terror attack.

If you haven't watched the video Loose Change and Anatomy of a Great Deception,
or consulte with AE911 truth and Lawyersfor911truth,, they are
required reading.
More on that later also.

America has been betrayed by broadcast media news outlets who have
consolidated their power, putting independents out of business
and demonizing dissenting voices...
The useful idiots,, is what they are called, because their
knowledge does not expand outside of their comfort zone
and their jobs depend on playing along like good little boys and girls,
team player on a team wearing blinders while acting as if their
perspective comes free of bias or prejudice and is complete.

Stay tuned and tune in elsewhere..
For simplicity's sake read post to twitter by "plasmaglyphs".

This is information that i am attempting to fact check.
A mission that could take one person a life time,, but we
don't have that long.

We are under decades of stolen elections, Voter disenfranchisement,
manipulation of public information and corruption of a political
system that has deteriorated into a two party system,,, all other
challengers excluded from media coverage. That should raise a red flag
in and of itself,,, if it had not been normalized, contrary to the
warning of one Founder, George Washington, who stated that:
A two party system will destroy this Republic.

America's political system has been hijacked and the culprits
are fully in control of the information you get so expand your
sources of info..

The two images are the tip of the iceberg on just how far back
your research will need to go,, "The Hidden Hand",, and go even further,
1820's, Secret Treaty of Verona,, further still as covered
in part by Ralph Epperson, ReallyGraceful, Blackstone Intelligence Network,
Truthstream Media, The John Birch Society and so many more who are
legitimately questioning the official news story and historical narratives..

We are living in the midst of a Great Deception and it is almost too
late for a course correction,, now is the time to seek the truth
and choose either group-think or the evidence.

Truth will always find a way to rise above the cloud of confusion.




At True The Vote,, their suggested solution is:

American Voter ID - a solution that balances personal liberty, state sovereignty, and national security.

What will another ID accomplish is a system that excludes people for life based on a Judicial senticing classification.

Felonies were once only serious crimes... Now felony sentencing is used to thin the voter rolls by including petty crimes.

What good will voter ID's be in a system that lets judicial disenfranchisement occur?