Revelation of the Method - Movie Goers as 'Target' audiences - Redefined - Predictive programming.


‘New 9/11’: Cancer Cloud Spreading Across US After Massive Biological Attack – Media Down-plays

Are you a movie-goer/TV-buff? Do you like all those disaster flicks???
Did you know that you might be a "Target" in the "Revelation of the Method" script?

Also reported with an extra story on WEF & eugenics suicide pods.

Reports on Ohio and coincidences.

Birds Falling From Sky 378 Miles From East Palestine As Gov't Insists Ground Zero Is Safe For Humans from @realnewspunch

Predictive programing explained -
The number of incidents matching screen-plots redefines "Targeted" audiences.
Revelation of The Method

Are Movie goers actually "Target Audiences" of Hollywood's macabre CEO's goal to satisfy Revelation of the Method criteria??

Time for a total boycott of TV & big screen...