In response to Naomi Wolf's apology surrounding getting taken in by Full-Spectrum Propaganda.


The Shaman was a Magicians Prop, in part to distract people from the Coup of J6th.

Naomi Wolf's letter on substack is a must read in order to see the big picture of the actors being used to build and sell the Anti-Trump (insurrection) narrative while concealing the J6th Coup which Sealed The Steal of the 2020 election.. (editing in progress)

must read:
Naomi Wolf offers an apology to America's conservatives & MAGA movement,, saying:
"My team was taken in by Full-Spectrum Propaganda"
"The gatekeepers who lie to the public about the most consequential events of our time —- deserve our disgust."

@naomirwolf makes some very important observation in her apology to America's conservatives & MAGA folk...
She mentions the curiosity of the Shaman & adds historical context to hold as contrast to J6th..
The Shaman was a Prop in a form of Magician's trick,, slight of hand,
distracting people from focusing on a Coup in Progress and diverting attention & discussion after the show.

Thank you... Ms. Wolf
You have taken an important step toward helping this country down the path of healing.

You also present some details which raise questions about the escorting for photo ops..
Something about that seems to have aided in shifting focus away from other more important details,,, like a magicians trick,, slight of hand... People were drawn to the ridicule, the theater and it re-enforced the Q-cult narrative,, marginalizing conservatives on a number of levels.. The question is now,, what were we distracted from seeing???

J6th was an orchestrate Coup to disrupt the electoral process, that would have been televised and delayed while the process unfolded and evidence was presented..
The evidence of election misconduct had to be buried so bidEn could provide Obama his third term and get American back on the path of a globalist agenda...
The Coup involved entrapment (Epps' Barricade removal team"), so Trump supporters would cross the Red-line perimeter.. But an insurrection narrative needs violence, so to advance the Coup there were leftists who could be counted on for an Anti-Trump element.. but that was not a certain element.. Others were there who looked to be on a mission...
The video capture team, capturing imposters (Trump-garbed assets), fulfilled the need of documenting those who were drawn into the violence,, instigated by assets of the coup plot,,, to Seal the Steal"..
All these provided cover for the hardcore elements of the actual coup effort, the agitator teams, with narrative re-enforcement as part of their actions and dialogue... These hard-cores have been identified as, in part, foreign elements,, the same elements that were brought in to beef up the BLM riots, in number and intensity... One of those individuals posed with the Shaman.. His name is Sergei Dybynyn,,, who identifies with Pravy Sektor (Right Sector) from Ukraine,, (reference Maidan Massacre and the U.S. role, Chalupa's Animal farm, Biden's role as VP and a mountain of detail around the Ukraine Coup under Obama's admin)..
Getting bidEn in the white house to derail the America 1st agenda was a life and death matter for the globalist's agenda,,, which depends on the total crippling of America... Trump also stood in the way of the wars needed to destabilize the globe and advance the great reset,, started by Covid... The destruction of America's conservative population has been a Marxist & communist goal for decades,, and it fits nicely into the globalists New World Order agenda that Obama was groomed to advance and Hillary was to complete... BidEn became their ticket and he made a suitable pawn for numerous reasons,, beginning with being a recognized name, curb appeal,,, and a compliant media would help prevent removal of the facade...
J6th was a Coup to Seal the Steal of the 2020 election...

These thought are the product of compiling the research & insight of many who are close in to the heart of this topic,, one in particular is George Eliason,, he exposed the Ukrainian element on scene at the j6th incident which concealed the orchestration of a Coup by the Democrats.


Images in support of this compilation of a coup perspective have been posted in the media of ADAM20228 and might be assembled into a webpage format once the tech-tards fix the webhosting platform, formerly of yahoo,, now outsourced to Turbify.. (watch for updates) I may run with a substack version, if this perspective gains more supporting evidence.

UKRAINIZING AMERICA- US Congress admires UA Fascism.. from GH Eliason
Historical - Bandera & Diaspora (t=48m- capitol assault) George Eliason
Info Op Ukraine
(IO contractor Joel Harding)

Some compiling

Recovered articles (Some have been reposted by Eliason on his substack)

Chalupa Animal farm - Brennan, 2020 riots Ukraine militants.

One example of who was involved in the J6th_Coup??



Important Images as evidence of foreign actors involved in the Democrat Party's Coup on J6th..

Details posted to a twitter thread can be found at:
------- <<<<<<< Post-Epps breach -- Approach on Bicycle racks.
------- <<<<<
----------- Ukraine-Ruse Assault entrance.
Was someone trying to implicate Russia??

Notice the text used,,,

Much information has been gleened from research by George Eliason..
This video is essential for context.

UKRAINIZING AMERICA- US Congress admires UA Fascism.. from GH Eliason
Historical - Bandera & Diaspora (t=48m- capitol assault)