Essential Update -- Dr. Bryan Ardis uncovers pharmacutical's usage of Venom in many products and the application of that technology for mRNA Vaccices


In this interview you'll hear that Stew Peters made-up a title putting unintended focus on the wrong end of the water cycle,,, which many people are stumbling over ......

The title "Watch The Water" did not reflect Dr. Ardis' intent or focus...
He was primarily talking about what is seen in the waste-water, and the clues it provides, plos the mystery of CDC program he talks about..


The Ardis Discusses, Reviews & clarifies the recently published discoveries surrounding Remdesivir,,, with Dr. Jane Ruby..


Everyone show remember the SARS-1 Highrise P-Trap discovery & research..
Transmission via sewer gasses was a vector that was not
anticipated then,,, and if coVid was similar, then sewer traces is a logical extension...

And here is a kicker on that subject,,, if SARS spread via sewer gas,, then SARS-Cov2 should have triggered those types of concerns and alerts to the public: to be careful about their P-traps,,, water-less urinals and other vapor paths.. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN..
There was confusion about spread,,, and that should not have happened based on the EX-Sperts background and discussions about ways to ruin our lives and push their agenda,, such as event 201+/-..

'IF' transmission can occur through that vector,, then the characteristics of human discharges should provide clues .. And they do..

By the nature of my Last-man-out building lock-up duties,,
i frequently have to attend to the things that adults walk away from,, which dogs at least try to cover....

The last two years has been disgusting,,,,, very evident that people's systems were in turmoil,, as in GI-track evident ..

Why would a respiratory virus have such an affect on GI-track?

People's acts of desperation over toilet paper may have been a red flag that was missed..

On a related tangent though--

American's really need to adopt some changes in cleanliness procedures,,
such as;

'People',,,, The paper should be the inspection phase to determine effectiveness of the Bidet-phase,, that is horrifically absent.. .

Paper product should not be the primary tool for cleaning,, under normal circumstances.... Adapt - Improvise- Overcome 'this is 2022'..