Be watchful and on guard for deceptive exploitation following natural events seen on Earth and in the heavens.


Have you seen the following statement from NASA of an event that may have historical parallels to the sychroton radiation that has been proposed with regard to the circumstances behind the carving of plasmaglyphs (aka petroglyphs)..

All i have at this point is a reading assignment to look at the story behind this quote,

NASA warns of “rifts” opening in the magnetosphere and ozone layer, allowing intense, deadly solar radiation to beam through those barriers, causing extinction events on Earth

If you watch the news you may have heard about heat related deaths of many cattle in Kansas..

Another explanation has been suggested by a person who makes reference to electric universe material..
His name is David DuByne and his take seems to follow a mechanism which may have historical parallel as has been discussed in Plasma-cosmology/comparative mythology circles,, specifically the work of A.L. Peratt 2003 (Characteristics of the Occurance of a High-current, Z-Pinch, Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity.... ).. see also

An article, discussing DuByne's view, mentions the quote from NASA , but i suspect NASA wasnn't directing at this matter,,, originally....

I think it is quite strange that these stories and the Kansas sudden-die-off,, which ranchers are saying is very suspicious,, are occurring in unison... Something stinks and it is not the smell of dead cattle..
Is NASA a potential mouth piece of narrative management?

I have doubts about Dubyne's suggestion.. Tere should be other indicators, other creatures harmed..
Instrumentation should also provide supporting evidence... See

Here is the interview with DuByne the portion about magnetosphere rift starts a few minutes past t=12:30

I cannot image the "global Establishment" being ignorant of the plasma-cosmology perspective of history,,, but i can imagine them using the public's naivete to manipulate circumstances & narrative to advance their objectives...

It would be wise to tune into alternative research on plasma-cosmology to look for efforts to expose deceptive narratives by inserting alternative perspective which may be uncorrupted by money and political $cience.

This is a time for thoughtful discussion...

Here is Dubyne's channel and a video of interest where he talks about the SAFIRE project and other TEU material.

Chinese Dragon Legends are the Electric Universe Giving a Sun Phase Change Timeline (3 of 3)

This is the first i've seen from this person's perspective..

Look for related topics at the Thunderbolts Project channel on ytb and their many contributors..