Can America Survive Another Two Years of Pol_Pot-us jO'bidEn ???? Impeach him & his administration.


Some of the reasons why Joe Biden should be impeached,, along with his entire administration.

1- Black-mailing Ukraine
Plus causing 2014 Ukraine coup and Maidan Massacre

2- Acts of War against Russia-
many more to be listed

3- Economic Terrorism

4- Physical Terrorism

5- Failure to secure our border against criminal incursions and other forms of hypocrisy& treason.

6- Orchestration of an election coup.

Were Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Involved In Planning, Executing The Capitol Hill Siege?
By George Eliason
January 18, 2021

Was January 6th violence a Ukrainian Military Special Operation to destroy Donald Trump?
George Eliason
May 5, 2022

7- Crimes against other nations.

Also denying aid to Turkey after catastrophic earth quakes.

That is just for starters

Fill in the blanks