Exposing the Globalist Cabal - via Saturnian-Cult clues - which may pull back the mask of A Great Deception against America & the World.


Sept. 11, 1941 Read it again 1941 Construction begins on the Pentegon..
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xo-xGt-CzbM read the text below the video which show
an aerial image of the pentagon on Sept. 7, 2001 ,, note the path in the grass... ILS system for missile?

Here are some thoughts that may be quite relevant toward seeing details
that expose the tent of the World's Biggest Bullies and may aid in pulling out their king-post.

The survival of Ronald Reagan, after a failed coup attempt via bullet,, disrupted the globalists in a way that Trump did not.. However, Trump's Presidency would not have been a part of history,, had Bush Sr. become president after the coup attempt ,,,, On Cycle..

The cycle is 20 years...

Please allow me to show you the pieces of the puzzle and try to explain what i think they indicate,,,, as they expose Babylon Mystery Religion and the clockwork clues of manipulation..

Have you ever heard of the Saturnian Death Cult? It may have many names & other manifestations, but there are clues that this cultist element has been trying to maintain control of world events..

There seems to be clues which map their operations..
Manufactured --- Order Out Of Chaos
As they try to hold the world within their fear-based narrative,
while suppressing details which would expose a former time in our history,
before the world fell into Ages of Chaos

They seem to be operating on a 20year cycle,, in recent times.. That is the orbital cycle of the conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn ,,,, oops,, getting ahead of the explanation..
But here are several key dates: 332AD; 1492; 1842+/-; 1846, 1962; 1981; 2001; 2020 (the last 4: the 20 year cycle )-o-o-

Please allow me to set the stage.

The presence of A Faction of people within America, going back to its earliest days,
may qualify us for being in the time of the Great Deception after the 1000 years
of containment of that deception ,,,, Babylon Mystery Religion (BMR)..

Rev. 12 clues
1260 days is 1260 years from the time of the mixing of Christianity and Babylon
in 350 AD+/- under the false banner of the Cross,,, a carved idol representing Tammuz.

312 AD )-o-o-
332 AD )-o-o- Great Conjunctions,,, that the Saturnian-Cult Sets their Clock against.
352 AD )-o-o-

Rev 12 talks about the Dragon,,, and God giving the Woman two wings to flee from persecution occurring against The Followers of Jesus Christ..
That persecution was by Rome, aka BMR.
Now Vatican has a significant influence,,, The Three City-States.

Rev. 12 Also covers the persecution period, and then transitions to explain a period of protection that would be 350 yrs,, until the Serpent goes after the remnant of Her offspring..

Some of that remnant were very likely destroyed by the Conquistadors when they ravaged
South America,, where people had been escaping from persecution by Rome..
In the earliest days of the Roman rise to power,, there was the Fall of Carthage 149ish BC.. There is a clue which may provide evidence of early navigation across the Atlantic into the Americas,, which was later followed by the Spanish.. See the documentary The Lost Warriors of Carthage..

Some aspects of history have been obscured by modern Science, which has been somewhat controlled by The Faction, trying to hide Truths about Mankind's Actual history..
I will get to that after these next details..

The Americas and their cultures have many mysteries which stunned the Spanish and the Colonists.. There is one mystery about the Americas that has been suppressed for many decades.. Parts of that mystery are revealed in the book titled: He Walked the Americas..
It hints that there was significant contact, with the peoples of the Americas, by people who were coming from the east; for trade in precious stones and metals, such as Copper/Gold and there was a missionary element that we don't hear about,, such as the Brendan Voyage 564 AD. Some of those brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ,, long before the Spanish..
Those contacts may have had a significant role in the South America monumental cities and developing a very civilized culture that has been misrepresented by western science..
That contact invalidates the Doctrine of Discovery claims made upon the Americas.
see the Doctrine of Discovery - Unmasking the Domination Code a segment in that talks of the cultures of South America and the regrets of a Franciscan, where he asks:
"Oh My God - What have we Done to these People" ?

-So now some more context-

Rev. 12:17 "And the Dragon was enraged against the Woman ..... and went to make war with the rest of Her offspring....
This occurred with the arrival of the Spanish into the Americas this was one arm of attack..
The arrival of colonists 100+ years later in North America set the path for the second arm of attack against the Ancient People's of the New World,, who were preserving knowledge of former times through their Legends, Symbols and Ceremonies.
I will bring this aspect into the closing details about the Great Deception, pushed upon modern society by western establishment's controlling Faction..

Clues From the book of Revelations 12.

Two time-frames are given and one may be the a big clue:
- "A Time + 2 times + a 1/2 half a Time" = 350 (?),, possibly a KEY number..
So lets those two in to some math, with a few dates and look for significant events....

Rome 350 AD +/-?, Plus 1260 years, puts us at 1620,, the first settlers to North America,, this occurred shortly after the fulfillment of a portion of Revelations 12,, The Dragon Pursuing the "rest of Her Offspring".. Persecution of Christians by Rome may have taken on a new phase after a 1000 years of being confined to the eastern hemisphere..

There are many details i don't know about because i'm not a historian,, but i find curious the timing of events.. And to one Cult,,, timing is everything .. Every twenty years they make a move,,, but when Reagan survived that disrupted their timing...
1485 )-o-o-
1492 + 350 = 1842 )-o-o- = Great Conjunction
1504 )-o-o-

A point in the cycles, that potentially exposes The Saturnian Cult's role in an assault on America,, to fulfill a goal - the destruction of popular governance - was finalized at the Secret Treaty Of Verona, 1825,, after planning since before 1822,,,, another: )-o-o- Great Conjunction.

Here is where "The Faction" may have concealed its manipulation through a false narrative called: The Zero Curse,, There is a possibility that this story about a curse, launched by Tecumseh, was used to sew ethinc strife while also being a cover for The Faction's treasonous acts against America..
The curse, placed on Harrison, (1812+/-) states that:
President elected in years ending in 0 would die in office.. starting in 1840,, twenty years later Lincoln is elected 1860 and was killed in his second term.
There are some gaps in the Zero Curse,,
but it was broken in 1981 through Spiritual Warfare, prayer & intercession on behalf of Ronald Reagan..

When he survived,, the globalist's got derailed.. So,,, we are now on an alternate time-line,, with an advantage due to the technologies which have emerged,,, giving us an information-retrieval advantage to expose the Globalist Cabal that is trying to complete the 200 year Rhodesian plan of removing popular governance...
The phrase: "The Weapons of our Warfare Are not Carnal",, now has two modes of operation..

April 15, 1862 )-o-o- Great Conjunction

April 14th,, 1865 --- Lincoln is Shot & dies on the 15th (our tax day) Central Banking System opposed by Lincoln.

The 20 year Saturnian-Cult cycle correspondes with Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn,
it can be matched up to the timing of other events
5 cycles later
100 years later 1962 JFK was shot )-o-o-
20 years later 1981 Ronald Reagan was shot )-o-o-
20 years later 2000 )-o-o- 9/11 11 is a significant symbol to the Cult, symbolizing two pillars of the Temple..
20 years later 2020 )-o-o- Another Great Conjunction
and then the desperate push..

America rose up out of the carnage of the two Arms of Arrivals from the east,, but in North America something special happened that brought the rise of a strong element of the Great Deception,, which, through $cience, was very significant in detaching people from their cultures and their historical roots / references..
Their legends and symbols are actually encrypted clues about our planet's actual history.
They expose a very catastrophic past and have been validated as highly relevant by modern alternative
scientific research, with plasma-laboratory validation..

Plasmaglyphs are encrypted clues, carved on Rock, representing unimagined events in our solar system's recent history... Event that modern s$cience excluded from consideration because they rejected clues offered by the ancient stories & corresponding symbols which were passed forward through time with much determination to preserve continuity and meaning..
Some cultures were quite successfull in this task.. But when all are compared the key details re-emerge..


Modern establishment science has helped deceive the world via:
-Uniformity principle (aka Gradualism)
-Theory of Evolution - marginalized certain races below others..
-And In the 1900's, the rise of plasma science, which got derailed by the establishement's gaslight-era Newtonian dogma,, of a Gravity-Only mechanism controlling the cosmos..

Examining how all these details are interwoven may expose the king post of their tent.
The Great Deception upon the human race, by the West's Saturnian Cult, may be closely related to the arms of influence driving the Globalist Agenda.
Expose their junk science and conspiracy against truth,, and you'd be on target for their King-post.

For decades that Faction has been in control, and their handiwork has been harshest against cultures destroyed under the policy of "Doctrine of Discovery" and the subsequent Empire-policies, including the devices of Economic Hit-men.

We,, who oppose corruption & the lies of the Establishment, would have many allies among those who have suffered at the hands of the greedy & violent, who rejected truth and follow a lie, a great deception & built upon dogma rather than evidenc,, Causing the world to regard lies as truth,,, and calling Truth : Lies.
From such a society:
Come away from them, that you not share in their sins and receive of their plagues.

We have a unique opportunity to bring forth suppressed clues and expose the conspiracy against Mankind's liberation from confusion about our history and the root cause of fear & trauma which has held humans in bondage for millennia..

Remove key points of confusion,,,
and the manipulators of info will lose control over our minds..



An amendment on Cosmic Plasma in Mythology

Toward drawing a conclusion about the details of mankind's actual historal events, by the gathering of details which fill in pieces of this puzzle about mankind's recent history, there has emerged a date that is used by a certain group at the center of our modern history. The date they have attached to their calendar is claimed to be the zero-year of their creation story.
That year would be October 10, 3761 BC
That year is obtained by adding 4000 years as explained below..

Coincidentally when applied to a retro-calculation of planetary positions around our present Sun, its a year when all the celestial bodies of our present Solar System are gather on the same side of the Sun with Jupiter and Saturn coming into close proximity and about to form a linear arrangement with the Sun..
From that point forward the orbits of the planets take on what seems to be a beginning point of synchronized orbiting of the Sun and continuing up to the present orientation... But the is a catch,,, There was a bit of Chaos before it settled onto the present Orderly behavior.
That year is 3999 AD.

See the images below and the text explanation of clues that led to the utilization of this date.

According to one of this Article about the Masonic calendars we are in the year 6016 A.L,,, (as of 2016 AD) by the calendar in common usage west's to the west.

"From the linked article below, the following is stated:
Today in Masonic History it is 6016 Anno Lucis (A.L.)!
The year is 6016 Anno Lucis, or Year of Light.
Why does masonry add 4000 years to the current date?"

Anno Lucis was adopted by Freemasonry sometime in the 18th century. It was taken from the Anno Mundi or "In the >Year of the World", which was first implemented in the 17th century by an Irish Monk.

The idea of Anno Mundi (A.M.) was to begin counting from the date of creation. The date of creation according to the >Bible has been often debated. It is believed in the Jewish tradition that the date of creation was October 17th, 3761 >B.C. So in Anno Mundi the current year is added to 3761. This would make the year 5777 A. M.
read further what is said at:

(Screen shot attachments may be added soon).

What follows are notes being assembled for review of my thoughts on these details that i've alread post to in public discussions to draw feedback..
Each post to twitter may have a tangent of message attached and i will try to connects them here in the future for more orderly reading, but for now they are added below in the order they were saved during posting online.

If establishment s$cience were to allow evidence for our planet's actual history to emerge from Legends, Symbols & Rituals which all cultures of the world have preserved for millennia, it would expose the Great Deceptions that western establishment has brought upon us all. )-o-o >

They obtain & maintain power through deceit & are riding their "Order out of Chaos" agenda to global governance.
Their Cult manipulates governments & financial circles. But they are fear-mongering nut-cases carving this world up for themselves, destroying popular governance.

A Saturnian Cult in modern times is deceiving the world into "Believing a Lie as if it were Truth".
They conceal clues of mankind's actual history as they try to obtain power through occultist application of symbols & rituals who's origins are events witnessed in ancient times >

We're in times of Great Deception & Cults in power are concealing a false history as they manipulate events to parallel Biblical Prophesy.
Their symbols are ancient, cryptic clues to actual history which reveals their plagiarized motto "Order out of Chaos",,, Our Actual History >

Roosevelt's Communist Manifest, interesting reading..
Secret Treaty of Verona..
The Enemy Within! Jesuits, Freemasons,
Texe Marrs masonic temple over Jerusalem https://youtube.com/watch?v=gSz7cn5Hpjo
As Above So Below

The Triangle is downward facing portion of Star of Chuin (Remphan) aka Star of David.
"As Above So Below"
It can be seen on the Aprons worn by Masons and designed into Trump Tower's BALcony Grove.
Trump Tower & the Invocation

Now look at suits worn by U.S. businessmen & politicians. Tie & collars geometrically replicate their cultist triangle symbols.
Don't believe anyone who tells you there are no longer elements keeping their hand on the rudder steering government & courts.

For many decades every 20 years there is some form of manufactured crisis event or power grab.
1865 Lincoln is Assassinated
1963 Kennedy Assassination
1981 +/- Attempted Assassination of Ronald Reagan
2001 Downing of the Twin towers
2020 Manufactured ScamDemic Crisis Covid19

Now consider The Saturnian Cycle & events in modern times.
You'll see a ritualistic timing has been occurring for power-grabs during modern history of Masonry.
"Order of Of Chaos".
Every twenty years (+/-), Saturn & Jupiter unite on the same side of the Sun.

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