Finger Prints of a ScamDemic -- The clues that reveal medical negligence, Regulatory Institutional Corruption and reckless endangerment by Team-Fauci --- Follow the Evidence


Dr. BryanArdis said "God Bless Pierre Kory for his efforts over steroids",,
That was in part 3,,, where he talks about the study from Italy which matched "toxin-like peptides" found in specimens from covid-positive patients,,, but not in non-CV19+ patients..
They matched neuro-toxin peptides in 36 examples 20 snake-typ

Remdesivir --- And the Clues of a Coup Against Humanity



The conspiracy against America's sovereignty and well-being through the "Literal" poisoning of mind & body by big-pharma & their Government agency puppets and institutional corruption,,
through the delivery of toxic snake venom in both Remdisivir and the technology of mRNA vax$ines...

Mike Adams, says its equal to a Finder Print

part 2

This is more than an assault on America,,, it is an assault on humanity..

links below:

- Dr. Bryan Ardis uncovers big-pharma's usage of Snake Venom in many products
and then reveals that this same technology can be linked to research into aspets
of the investigation into treatemnt, the origins of covid and developemnt of mRNA

There are significant risks for harm, to human physiology, from the application of this technology.

Three PART series, with all the documentation shown on screen during the interview:

part 1

part 2

part 3

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