Author of: 'Biden's Ukraine', has expanded an archive site for related information behind the Ukraine conflict, being white-washed by LameStram Media.


From George Eliason,,, a U.S. journalist living in The Donbass Region.

Babi Yar and the darkende history of Ukraine which gave birth to the Azov Battalion

"In 2015, Ukrainian parliament passed legislation making
two, WWII paramilitaries heroes of Ukraine:
- Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) &
the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) - ,
and made deny their heroism a criminal offense.

Simple Minds- George H. Eliason

You won't find much mention of this genocide in the West. It's completely ignored. Without knowledge of this ongoing atrocity, trying to understand Russia's reaction to Biden's clumsy and incessant provoking must be a real head-scratcher.

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