Babi Yar --- Never again !!! Putin's Intervention 2022 --- One Tin Soldier, Intervening on the Behalf of The People of The Donbass


Joe Biden's Ukraine --- A Primer

You've been lied to. You're being manipulated. The Swamp is Manipulating the World into a Global Conflict,,, Again.

Rival news sources are being suppressed. The suppression is being carried out on a global scale in several countries.
Ever hear of Babi Yar?
That's a place in the Ukraine.

Leap-Frog 2022 --- Clean out the Swap

Like the Downing of the Walls of Jericho

The Truth Will Set US Free

Standing in Support of Putin's Intervention on Behalf of:
The People of The Donbass and against NATO's reckless encroachment.

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Ukraine Neutrality

American reckless Meddling:

CIA Brags It Has Trained Ukrainian Troops To Fight ?Russians? Since 2015
a “select group of CIA paramilitaries” were in Donbass region of Ukraine to train
troops in 2015.
Let this sink in
U.S. CIA was helping HALT INDPENDENCE voted for by Donbass people

People of The Donbass were assaulted for 8
years during the CIA's baiting of the trap
set for Russia.. The killing of civilians
drew them in..
This ANALYSIS was posted two days ago NATO Laid A Trap For Putin That Could
Destroy The World
Mar 14, 2022

The people of Donbass were targeted by Ukraine troops,, coaxed by the U.S.,, to provoked Russia.
CIA Announces The United States Has Been At War With Russia In Ukraine Since 2015
Mar 16, 2022
Video review A.Jones

LA times article