Respiratory Maintenance, vapor-treatment with DioxiRinse - reverse gargled mouthwash.


First a link left off the previous post.. Dr. Pierre Kory, FLCCC Founder...

Now some observations on Respiratory Maintenance...
First off forget about complex devices like Nevage,, our sinuses were made for vapors,, not fluids.

Sometime in 2020 i started using nano-silver colloidal silver mouthwash, for a dental issue, and i immediately noticed that my sinuses were remaining very clear,,, far better that experienced with regular mouthwash..
Later in the spring while tuning into the anti-chlorine-dioxide misrepresentation and media-scareporn propaganda,, and then hearing about the global usage with favorable results, as a The Universal Antidote ,,
i heard that the mixing to the two compounds produced the vapors which were an active an effective factor..
The who idea of drinking it was grossly misrepresented since only drops are used in water treatment..
There are other specifics which i'm not going to cover here,, as it is too detailed for my focus..

Assuming that the information on vapors as an active factor,, and based on previous practices know widely in decades past,, of using vaporizers to treat colds,, i concluded that a simple delivery method was needed to
put the vapors where a virus might gain a foothold in the upper respiratory system.
That method is reverse gargling,, agitating the mouthwash in the mouth to release vapors and circulate them simultaneously... Reverse gargling is accomplished by tilting head face down with teeth, tongue and lips regulating air intake while trapping solution from escape.. After an inhaling gently to agitate the solution,, exhale through you nose to disperse the vapors in the foothold region of your sinuses,, back where the swabbers go jabbing for Rona.

Practice with a small amount of water to get a feel for the small volume needed then use your favorite active ingredient such as DioxiRinse, nano-silver or Colloidal Silver mouth wash.. The latter has real mild vapors
as does the Chlorine Dioxide,, when mixed properly (VERY IMPORTANT)..
Regular mouth wash is a bit too harsh from my perspective and i don't use products such as Listerine.

Walk in Faith and Fear Not,,,

Fear is what the parma-captured state wants your mind focused on rather than solutions and their suppression of solutions by threat, duress or coercion.. They are a criminal institution that has captured our government and using it against the freedoms of Americana...
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#128: Dr. Pierre Kory, FLCCC Founder