And THEY want to run the world..


At the very least,, they've ruined the world... Notice, all i did was add an I.

They came out of Babylon and didn't leave Babylon behind.
Their flag is the Rose Shield and their traditions have them more confused than they
were before the days of Jesus Christ when mankind worshiped gods personified
out of the Ages Of Chaos and planetary catastrophe which cyclically terrorized the world
in the days of the forefathers.
Venus the terrible Goddess, Mars the warrior and the other gods which were personifications
of near earth celestial bodies or manifestation of high energy plasma events..

"The traditions of man are an abomination to God".

And America calls their home country an ally, ignoring their betrayals.

That should tell you everything you need to know about Washington DC Inc.

Here are hints about a major influence in this world which is steeped in tradition,
confusion that, IMO, undermines credibility in any matter beyond their own personal
affairs.. THEY SURE CAN'T RUN THE WORLD!!! Maybe RUIN It..

Confusion and corruption like this has no benefit to a right-thinking world.

God is not the author of confusion,, that is the handy-work of corrupted mankind.

It would be better for them that they put a millstone be about their neck and take an ocean-bath than harm one of these little ones.
House Dems Vote To Coverup Child Sex Trafficking..
Corrupt elected officials talking about weaponizing the 1st amendment against people
who would speak out against child sex trafficking
Oct 4, 2020 from Greg Reese

America's political leader, officials and media who shield the wicked do a great disservice to the world
and have no business in positions of power...

Vote them out as they voted to shield the wicked.