Dr. Aseem Malhotra promoted Covid-19 vaccine on TV, now says stop.


Dr. Aseem Malhotra promoted Covid-19 vaccine on TV, now says stop.
Calls for its immediate suspension
rwmalonemd @ Substack


Is it a LARP or credible information.. Hints and outright projections have been circulating for years.. Have we reached the cliff?


Is it a LARP (Live Action Role Playing) or credible information.. Hints and outright projections have been circulating for years.. Have we reached the cliff?

Tonight on the Hal Turner Radio Show he rhed a list of projections that were about the days and weeks to come
and prefaced his reading by clearly stating that the info is not intel or verified,, but some items on the list gave cause for a need to consider all the forewarning from months previous..
The WEF and the O'bidEn regime have been talking about Build Back Better (bbb)... You don't need to build back unless something is destroyed and O'bidEn has been going out of his way to provoke war with Russia,, a continuation of the Obama/Clinton admin's Ukraine into NATO efforts..
Promises broken by the many and Russia has been forced into a corner..

The economic crisis being created by O'bidEn's policy at many levels,, is where your high gas prices originate,,, they aren't a consequence of Russia's military action in Ukraine,, that was justified and the sanctions have had consequences,, but that all happened after Pol_Pot-us Joe shut down our energy independence, to top off the list of acts of betrayal of his oath of office,,, right next to not maintaining border security..
America has been invaded and manufactured riots are about to take place and who know what else to disrupt the next election,,, just like in 2020..

Manufacturing Crisis is the product of the Cult of the Presidency,,, a pattern that extends back decades with the goal of enhancing/expanding power...

Those were clues,, not hear the unverified projection,, remembering what you have not, heard from LameStreamMedia , which would have made front page news, if we had functioning new organization rather than an extension of a corrupted government that has departed from legitimacy,, due to abandoning their service to the people,,, now they serve corporate interests at the expense of the people's and countries well being..
America is no longer capable of defending itself or supporting its primary industries because so many products are imported,, which,, according to some,, has made America very vulnerable to collapse..

But these are just clues that have been heard from various sources....
You don't need to Build Back Better unless something is seriously damaged,,, and Pol_Pot-us O'bidEn is known for his ability to screw things up...

Now some unverified commentary..


How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data? From Steve Kirsch


How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?

Collecting more negative data on the vaccine isn't going to change anything. The problem is getting people to consider the possibility that they have been fooled.


WATCH NOW FOR FREE! The most anticipated film of the year – The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising


WATCH NOW FOR FREE! The most anticipated film of the year – The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising


What the biggest lie of the last 29 months of COVID has been? "Scare tactics over HCq based on $cience-fraud.."


Posted interview by Steve Deace

Dr. Harvey Risch is Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health.

His work has been cited nearly 50k times.

He's also an MD.

I asked him what the biggest lie of the last 29 months of COVID has been.

Hold onto your butts.

Video segment


The Power of Economic Intimidation and the corporate / institutional leverage, upon individuals, Which Makes Tyranny Work..


Consider the power of economic intimidation and the corporate / institutional leverage, upon the individual, which makes tyranny work..

Read this from Steve Kirsch

I found an honest vaccine scientist

On Jul 3, 2022, Martin wrote this article, Are the Covid mRNA Vaccines Safe?

Few people know about the article because it concludes:

Fraiman and colleagues have produced the best evidence yet regarding the overall safety of the mRNA vaccines. The results are concerning. It is the responsibility of the manufacturers and FDA to ensure that benefits outweigh harms. They have failed to do so.


World war three has already started. - Rick Wiles of Trunews


Please ponder what Russia's Medvedev said here.

From TruNews

You are the idiots he speaks of, if you funded Arms to Ukraine.
We will not forgive you

World war three has already started. I’m not waiting for it to start; I’m waiting for it to end. We’re in it. The ending is not going to be nice.
And we have Ukraine's funding-partners in The US Congress to thank for Poking the Bear.

The coming Armageddon is a product of our duopoly of war mongers in congress and stealing the White House
Russia’s Medvedev Quotes Revelation 9:18 in Response to West Arming Ukraine
@repgosar @RepAndyBiggsAZ

The context is America's government continuing to provide weapons to Ukraine and taking other measures to further threaten Russia's Sovereignty,,, such as backing a coup attempt in Kazakhstan and now an attack on Armenia...

It all started after the US-backed Ukraine coup of 2014..

But you won't here those details from LameStreamMedia.


Ukraine: A Distraction Away for Tuning into the Trial Of The Century over the Covid Conspiracy Against the World's Population.


Does anyone else find the timing of the threatened Ukraine offensive, that forced Russia's hand, a little bit curious in light of the Grand Jury Trial of the Century that kicked off in February 2022 ??
I am sure this has already been mentioned,, but if now established, that one smoke screen after another has been the game plan since who knows when,, it would do us good to circle back and review what went on during the trial.. I wonder if that is what led to this apparent development..

I lost total track of Fuellmich's and Martin's efforts during the Ukraine conflict,, and i suspect many other did also..

This might help me catch up.

A lot of links here:

What motivated this post?
One of the comments at this link got me looking for latest info about Dr. Fuellmich.

Apparently the following is a questionable headline..
Login to HTRS to read the comments of the article... One comment dates this story as 03/15/2021.. (Investigating)

Tune into HTRS on radio via cell phone at 9PM est. 518-896-1531 or 641-741-2552


Why Assume there will be Another Election? The 1934 Bankers Coup Revisited [CP Documentary]


MattEhret Published August 30, 2022

With the passage of the 2022 Defense Authorization Act giving the executive branch sweeping powers over the use of the military in all domestic affairs, and the obvious obsession by the British-run deep state to impose a final end game scenario onto the experiment of 1776, it is important to recognize the historical precedent of the attempted Bankers' Coup of 1934 that sought to impose a fascist puppet dictator into the White House. Unfortunately for the JP Morgan network managing this coup, the puppet they selected for their American Mussolini was a patriotic retired General named Smedley Darlington Butler.

In this Canadian Patriot Review film based upon the essay "Why Assume There Will be a 2024 Election?" written by Matthew Ehret and produced/narrated by Jason Dahl, we are introduced into this dense period of history from the orchestrated demolition of the financial system in 1929, the Wall Street/London fueled "economic miracle solution" of fascism and eugenics between 1930-1934, and the story of FDR's war with the financier oligarchy's London and Wall Street tentacles. From this vantage point, we are then thrust into a deep dive into the person of Smedley Butler and his courageous defense of the republic.

The original article can be read here:

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The truth about January 6th documentary


The truth about January 6th documentary

An unfortunate aspect of this documentary is that they leave out details that would tell a larger story,,, first about the error of crossing the Red-Line which surrounded the Capitol Property... The walked into a trap that was orchestrated by the Feds through such individuals as Ray Epps who took down the barricades and a signage which warned people of no trespassing...

The second details is the involvement of radical left elements,,, many dressed in Trump gear and a few were militant imports from Ukraine,,, members of Pravy Sector.. See earlier posts of research from George Eliason...

The event of Jan 6th was an orchestrated false flag to disrupt the electoral process and blame it on Trump supporters and Trump's people were not the instigators of the initial violence,, which started before Trump's people left the ellipse.

See also the research of George Webb who was on scene and observed the radical left elements..

The whole story does not exonerate some of the protestors, but it gives context to the circumstances which ignited the situation... Radical left individuals such as Jake Sullivan,, Jayden X,, is an element not to be overlooked..
One of many.

See the work of Millie Weaver,, "Psyop The Steal"...


What was behind the scamdemic,,, Hear what insiders said when pressed by ex FBI Agent Hal Turner..


The Archive of this show has been recovered to the following link so the rescued segments at the end of this message are only there temporarily...

The following high-point is worth noting to formulate your next ballot decision...

What was behind the scamdemic,,, what motivated the west and other countries to risk total collapse.. Hear what insiders said when pressed by ex FBI Agent Hal Turner..

Think of it as an orchestrated bailout of the collapsing dollar,, is how one part of the explanation went,, another aspect was to save the Euro..

And now an alternate dominant global banking system has taken off in response but the end game could be a real rough ride for those who are on the wrong footing...
Their prepping for war and populations in the west are being kept uninformed...

Listen to tonight's show archive beyond the hour mark to hear what was not aired during the end of the radio show

This may be worth the dollar spent or the subscription if needed..

Hal's archive got lost so here is what i recorded of the last portion,, off-air ,,, online segment.
These files were uploaded in the rescue effort to restore the show's lost episode to the archive..
It probably was not used,,, but its the thought that counts... And more people got to hear this information
and refer back to his programs at Hal Turner Radio Show..
(Listeners / redears beware he is as vulnerable to bad information as anyone else outside the DeCeption Cult at the core of America's Eastern Establishment..)

part 0-1
is the beginning of his explanation of what he was told by market insiders.. (for what its worth)

part 0-2 sign-off segment

Part 1 of 7

Part 7 of 7


Re: Beware of Ebay Scammers Sending A Ruse-Package with Altered Shipping Label & Borrowed Tracking Number.


Audio file from conversation with USPS Inspector Services

part 3

Tracking information reveals that the Ebay seller shipped something via First Class packageservice using a tracking number provided to the buyer... (9400 1092 0609 4956 8371 01)
Info from post master and phone agent tells me the package weight is only one (1) oz. (ounce)
I purchased (via Ebay/Paypal) a generator which weights in at 45 lbs.. (Actual shipping weight would be 54 lbs.)
The Post Office told me the package was NOT addressed to me at the ebay-profile address that i provided them.. And they said spedifically that some other address was used by the scammer on ebay...
Ebay said that they provided a shipping label with the correct buyer information..
At the very least a package was mistakenlyaddressed to the wrong shipping address and i was provided with that tracking number by the seller,, who spoke of problems getting a "legit tracking number several days after having claimed that the item was shipped...

Additional audio files from this and other calls to the Post Office are available and they further identify details of the package and tracking number...


Re: Beware of Ebay Scammers Sending A Ruse-Package with Altered Shipping Label & Borrowed Tracking Number.


Here is a corrected image, for the previous post, clarifying the First Class package weight detail..

Mail packages can be up to 13 oz.
Packages up to 75 lbs.

Post office informed me that the package sent by "Busniess-Deal00" only weights 1 oz..

See image for location of that detail on an example-pouch which weighted 4 oz.

Follow along and share this widely to stop the scammers...


Beware of Ebay Scammers Sending A Ruse-Package with Altered Shipping Label & Borrowed Tracking Number.


Warning,,, When you buy from Ebay be very careful so you don;t end up with a Seller who does not send the item purchased.. No item received by buyer.. Tracking information reveals that the seller, "Busniess-Deal00", shipped something via First Class Mail using a tracking number provided to the buyer...
Max weight of First Class Mail is 13 oz. and First class packages can be up to 75 lbs+/- ,,,
The post office informed me that the weight declared for THIS PACKAGE on shipping label is 1 oz.
See example of package shipping label weight in next post.

I purchased a generator which weights in at 45 lbs..

The Post Office told me the package was NOT addressed to me at my ebay-profile address,, but something different used by the scammer on ebay,, even though Ebay said that they provided a shipping label with the correct buyer information..
So here is a question,, how did the post office end up scanning and shipping label with a tracking number addressed to a different recipient than the address of the buyer who was given the tracking number.. Shipping labels look so easy to alter... Where is the cross checking of recipient details in the tracking information provided by USPS.. They have made scamming easy by the way they present tracking information,,, by zip code only,,, they do not include recipient information in the tracking information.. That info also left out by UPS who has been used by scammers to send diversion-packages,, which make a transaction look like it is progressing normally...


How The Big Banks Enslave Humanity


How The Big Banks Enslave Humanity
Jul 22, 2022 from Greg Reese

Recognized the enemy and the battle plan is clear...


GeoWater Blowing Out Of The Water The Myth Of A Water Scarcity


GeoWater Blowing Out Of The Water The Myth Of A Water Scarcity
Jul 23, 2022 video from Badass Uncle Sam


Biden's shame. The 8 minute expose' of Ukrainian lies.. A closer look at the Ukrainian Nazis going back two generations.. From George Eliason.


The modern myths of $cience conceal the truth of our Solar Systems recent transformation,, Ages of Chaos, encrypted in the World's Legends.


Cosmic-Plasma-in-Mythology The Electric Universe

The SAFIRE Project (The Electric Sun verified)

The Thunderbolts Project on Youtube

Plasmaglyphs -- Anthony L. Peratt
Historical clues discussed in certain Plasma-cosmology/comparative mythology circles,, highlight the work of A.L. Peratt 2003
Characteristics of the Occurence of a High-current, Z-Pinch, Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity.... ..

Political History

The Hidden Hand
Illuminati New World Order The Unseen Hand Exposed ??
America's hidden history...

More links to be added..

There is a unsolved mystery staring us in the face,, being downplayed or concealed by distraction or institutionalized conspiracy to distort humainty's incredible & traggic story..
The Garden legends are history,, the great flood and cyclical catastrophe are parts of history that so traumatized mankind that they lost touch with reality and the conditions of their former time..
They personified the celestial characters involved in a drama,, that has been dismissed in modern times.
And then they went off the deep end,, attempting to appease their fears by rituals such as sacrifice..
In their confusion and trauma they became captives of fear and spiritual (invisible-dynamic) forces which feed off of trauma..

You can see the essence of our creator strongly represented in the children,,the spirit manifest in innocence.. But hey are sadly the focus of corrupting forces to keep them traumatized to destroy the spirit of,,, Faith, Hope, Love, compassion and joy..
The scripture that says:
God so loved the world that He came to set the captives free and restore mankind to right-thinking through Faith, Hope and Love... Is an over-simplification of a spiritual reality taught by Jesus Christ as he exposed the traditions of man as an abomination to God...
And now, in the context of new discoveries from comparative mythology and plasma cosmology, we can more accurately imagine the events which caused mankind to fall into fear and display horrific behavior as they reacted to the chaos,, becoming like beasts of the field,, in their fight for survival...
But mankind is not just an evolved beast of the field.. That is the Great Deception of Modern Times,, to give mankind an excuse for his bad behavior,, in selfishness..

If we place our own survival above that of our fellow humans (& creatures),,, we will lose the essence of the creation in which our beings exist.. The fullness of a higher power demonstrates its favorable characteristics in many ways and in many creatures... We are unique among the creatures,, Care-takes of the Garden,, which is recovering from events which may never recure on this planet because it in now detached from its original formative environment,, where God only knows what wonders occurred... But we have clues ..

The Sun Sets of 20th Century Science.
The Brown Dwarf,,, evidence for of the Purple Darwn of Creation,,
Expanded discussion of evidence
Note the SAFIRE Project

The Spirit of Truth will set us free from corruption of mankind, captured by fear, compelled by imagination,, forming devices to manage fear in confusion,, rather than live by Faith,, free to experience the provisions of creation and its creator,, who,, in Christ,, came to set the captives free and restore mankind to right-thinking..


Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document - Full Read


Do you want to know how thoroughly we are being played by the world's elites, and manipulated to their advantage?? Listen to this read of:
Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars Document - Full Read

16.6K subscribers
I put this together for those that might be distracted with kids or work and choose to listen rather than read the full document. I hope it is helpful and please visit the links below and share with others. Thanks!

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, full read by: GP Studio - brolance

[ LINKS ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

USA Inc Depopulation & You - Deborah Tavares Trevor Coppola - Conspiracy Con

MIRROR in case first link is private:

StopTheCrime Website:

PDF Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars:

Other Source Docs:

(link problem)

One of the sources of this document is mentioned in the PDF,, and is none other than the author of
the book titled Behold A Pale Horse by William Cooper; Light Technology Publishing, 1991.
Here is the Archive of his radio show...
There are many reasons to listen to his observations..
Also check out the material of Ralph Epperson..
Here is one of his interviews with Bill Cooper
from page 1

HOTT Podcast for 092111 Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars :: Hour of the Time via @getongab
Down load mps from HourOfTheTime
Published to HOTT on Sept. 21, 2011 almost 10 years after Bill Cooper was silenced.


Civil liberties advocate Dr. Simone Gold sentenced to 60 days in federal prison for ‘trespassing on Jan. 6th 2021


The Loss of Equal Protection

“Civil liberties advocate Dr. Simone Gold sentenced to 60 days in federal prison for ‘trespassing.’ This is a grave injustice, and all options are on the table to rectify it."

—Lauren Bradford, AFLDS Legal Director


Six months after America’s Frontline Doctors’ viral video of their press conference on the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court, Founder Dr. Simone Gold traveled to a free speech rally with a government approved permit in Washington, D.C., to speak on January 6, 2021.

Dr. Gold was scheduled to speak alongside several congresspeople after President Trump’s appearance at the rally. At the moment of those speeches, Dr. Gold was advised all further speeches were canceled. After hearing this, Dr. Gold was amongst thousands swept into the Capitol building when the doors were opened from the inside, with people ushered in by Capitol Police. While inside, Dr. Gold peacefully delivered her remarks. When an officer asked her to leave, she did. Yet, days later she was violently arrested in an FBI SWAT raid, breaking her door, swarming her with assault rifles, shackling and placing her in jail for two days.

As a nonviolent female with a lifetime of service to the poor and underprivileged in the nation’s emergency rooms, a first time misdemeanor plea for trespass carries only an expected punishment of community service. Her judge demonstrated extreme prejudice and personal animus, issuing a wildly inappropriate prison term. Like most January 6th defendants, she is a victim of selective prosecution–the defining feature of corrupted governments.

Please help us fight back.

Injustices like these can only be rectified by allocating resources to fight back. EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. In the courts, through public opinion, through social media, and through action. Please donate and help us take a stand.

Copy/Paste below and SHARE on your social media platforms!

#FreeDrGold and stand up for America


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