The modern myths of $cience conceal the truth of our Solar Systems recent transformation,, Ages of Chaos, encrypted in the World's Legends.


Cosmic-Plasma-in-Mythology The Electric Universe

The SAFIRE Project (The Electric Sun verified)

The Thunderbolts Project on Youtube

Plasmaglyphs -- Anthony L. Peratt
Historical clues discussed in certain Plasma-cosmology/comparative mythology circles,, highlight the work of A.L. Peratt 2003
Characteristics of the Occurence of a High-current, Z-Pinch, Aurora as Recorded in Antiquity.... ..

Political History

The Hidden Hand
Illuminati New World Order The Unseen Hand Exposed ??
America's hidden history...

More links to be added..

There is a unsolved mystery staring us in the face,, being downplayed or concealed by distraction or institutionalized conspiracy to distort humainty's incredible & traggic story..
The Garden legends are history,, the great flood and cyclical catastrophe are parts of history that so traumatized mankind that they lost touch with reality and the conditions of their former time..
They personified the celestial characters involved in a drama,, that has been dismissed in modern times.
And then they went off the deep end,, attempting to appease their fears by rituals such as sacrifice..
In their confusion and trauma they became captives of fear and spiritual (invisible-dynamic) forces which feed off of trauma..

You can see the essence of our creator strongly represented in the children,,the spirit manifest in innocence.. But hey are sadly the focus of corrupting forces to keep them traumatized to destroy the spirit of,,, Faith, Hope, Love, compassion and joy..
The scripture that says:
God so loved the world that He came to set the captives free and restore mankind to right-thinking through Faith, Hope and Love... Is an over-simplification of a spiritual reality taught by Jesus Christ as he exposed the traditions of man as an abomination to God...
And now, in the context of new discoveries from comparative mythology and plasma cosmology, we can more accurately imagine the events which caused mankind to fall into fear and display horrific behavior as they reacted to the chaos,, becoming like beasts of the field,, in their fight for survival...
But mankind is not just an evolved beast of the field.. That is the Great Deception of Modern Times,, to give mankind an excuse for his bad behavior,, in selfishness..

If we place our own survival above that of our fellow humans (& creatures),,, we will lose the essence of the creation in which our beings exist.. The fullness of a higher power demonstrates its favorable characteristics in many ways and in many creatures... We are unique among the creatures,, Care-takes of the Garden,, which is recovering from events which may never recure on this planet because it in now detached from its original formative environment,, where God only knows what wonders occurred... But we have clues ..

The Sun Sets of 20th Century Science.
The Brown Dwarf,,, evidence for of the Purple Darwn of Creation,,
Expanded discussion of evidence
Note the SAFIRE Project

The Spirit of Truth will set us free from corruption of mankind, captured by fear, compelled by imagination,, forming devices to manage fear in confusion,, rather than live by Faith,, free to experience the provisions of creation and its creator,, who,, in Christ,, came to set the captives free and restore mankind to right-thinking..


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