Was The Doctrine of Discovery a valid claim made by the last explorers that landed in the Americas?? NO !!! - Meet St. Brendan The Navigator


Was The Doctrine of Discovery a valid claim, made upon the lands by the last explorers that landed in the Americas??

NO !!!

St Brendan - The Navigator and other with him brought Christianity to the America's a 962 years before Columbus of Spain, and those who followed, carrying the Papal Bull,, claiming Doctrine of Discovery authority over the land and its people.. See - Dominion Code.

- Video and material on St. Brendan -

Why hasn't America's Establishment given air-time to Brendan The Navigator, who in 530 AD landed in Newfoundland, Canada, establishing a short-lived community of Irish monks?
Possibly -- Becuase
a: That detail in history would Nullify later Doctrine of Discovery claims which are still being exercised upon the Original Peoples of the Americas.

b: Brendan's arrival in the Americas creates another link between Meso-American mysteries & The East.

c: Woman (persecuted believers) Flee into the wilderness, Rev. 12, early AD's

d: All of the above & more??

Brendan The Navigator traveled in a Skin-Covered craft, a big canoe..
Did he leave behind more than the craft of Canoe building??

Read the book: He walked The Americas - By L. Taylor Hansen

It suggests that Jesus Christ personnally Ministered to the people's of America,,
That could be,,, but there were is a much greater story to tell...

The Millenial Kingdom was set up in the Americas and was assaulted by the deceivers that came in their time... Read Revelation 12 and beyond,, in the context of details ..

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