The Azov Battalion: Crib Notes on Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Para-militants,, are in a life and death struggle for existence thanks to Putin.


The Azov Battalion: Crib Notes on Ukraine’s Neo-Nazi Para-militants

As the world simultaneously fawns over President Zelensky, and demonizes all things Russian, Western readers should consider the minutiea amidst this conflict. For particular elements are being seemingly side-stepped in order to uphold a very anti-Putin narrative (however justified it may indeed be).

For it is not difficult to imagine how large swathes of the newly realized warhawk Left (as they don their capri blue/traffic yellow Facebook avatars) would react if they knew about the Azov Battalion.

Here is a five-point cheat sheet on this infamous, State armed, and dangerous fighting force:

1. The Azov Soccer Origin Story

2. National Guard Induction & Far-Right Adoption

3. USA Cut Funding To Azov in 2015

4. ‘The National Corps’ (Their Political Wing)

5. Social Media Skills

If you want to see how modern Far-Right groups can use social media to their great advantage, Azov proves invaluable. they present their sleek and user friendly sites with a veneer of polished respectability.

Start with their Twitter page @Polk_Azov
(where you’ll be greeted with their askew version of the Nazi Wolfsangel as a profile pic).

Wrap Up

Its now apparent that the Azov Battalion is literally fighting for its life as you read this. Their ultranationalist and fascist belief system puts them in a uniquely desperate position of

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