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Thanks so much, Jason! I'm glad to hear it--makes it all worthwhile.

Yeah, it's hard to curl up with a personal device in the back of the camper or tent on the cold, rainy tundra. I'll never forget cuddling with F. M. Brown's Colorado Butterflies on days like that, reading certain passages over and over...



On 2023-03-11 3:34 pm, Jason Cole wrote:

I love your book!  Hard copy field guides are my favorite relaxing material.   

On Sat, Mar 11, 2023, 4:20 PM <tlpyle@...> wrote:

Pretty slick, Norbert. Well, we field guide writers have been on the way out for a long time. Cait's & my B'flies of the PNW has just come out in a pretty new format, so I guess it'll stick around for a while. Of course, we like to think that it brings something personal to the encounter. batteries! Never mind; the more tools, the better.

Bob P.


On 2023-03-11 8:32 am, Norbert Kondla wrote:

This morning I noticed that Heiner Ziegler had uploaded pics of some Pieris angelika paratypes to iNaturalist.
These modern digital images are much better than the old printed-on-paper images in the original publication; so I cropped them and made a digital plate with said images.
Technology and free internet information has reached the point that anyone can use free software to create their own 'field guide' or other reference compilations and take it into the field on a small digital device.
Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)