[DesertLeps] unsilvered Speyeria hesperis

Norbert Kondla

I see 3 subspecies of hesperis in Canada. Some might see 4 and some might see one and some might not even see hesperis at all.
The unsilvered specimens are both singletons from their respective populations. So I cannot say how representative of said populations 
they are. There are hesperis specimen images on my flickr site so you can see what they look like in this part of the continent. 
I think that captures most of the hesperis images. They show geographic and individual variation, just as the USA hesperis do.
Why so many images ? Why not ?. It is a common and widespread species in my part of the world. And for those who prefer or 
like live shots, there are those on my flickr site also.

On Wed, Nov 16, 2022 at 5:04 PM Mark Walker <mark.walker@...> wrote:
Thanks Norbert. I'm guessing that in a series, the Canadian hesperis would be similar in all other characteristics beyond silver spotting?


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Subject: [DesertLeps] unsilvered Speyeria hesperis
In my experience, S. hesperis with unsilvered ventral hindwings are rare in Canada.
I remember only collecting 2 such specimens; one in prairie Alberta and one in
Purcell Mtns of British Columbia. Here are mug shots: https://flic.kr/p/2nZDrFc

Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)

Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)