[DesertLeps] Speyeria hesperis brico

Norbert Kondla

Hi Bill, here are my thoughts, as requested:
To me the venters of local cybele and hesperis are substantially different. Here are pics of some Alberta cybele:
Some individuals of aphrodite manitoba and hesperis dennisi do in fact look substantially similar.
Here are examples of this:
Here are multiple individuals of Alberta dennisi:
And here are some aphrodite
As I see them, the dennisi I illustrated with the mountain populations do not look like aphrodite.
Here is an overview of Alberta Speyeria. Missing is idalia, which is only known from one specimen and
not collected by myself. https://flic.kr/p/2nSN27B
Here are the name-bearing types of western Canada aphrodite:

On Sat, Nov 12, 2022 at 4:39 PM Bill Gendron via groups.io <speydiana=aol.com@groups.io> wrote:
HI Norbert,
In your plate illustrating S. h. brico, beani and dennisi, I note that your dennisi from Alberta look like aphrodite on the dorsal and cybele on the ventral.  Have never noticed that in my own dennisi, which are from Saskatchewan, taken by John Kozial.  To me, your Alberta dennisi do not even look like S. hesperis.
Your thoughts?
Bill Gendron.

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Today I made a graphic aka 'digital plate' of some male Speyeria hesperis brico
from east-central British Columbia. Here is the link:
And for anyone wondering how brico compares with beani and dennisi, there is
a graphic for that:
Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)

Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)