Lost Valley Reservoir, Adams County, ID

Kevin Burls

While most of my butterfly sightings are not far enough north for this list, this week the family was traveling back from Montana and we camped at Lost Valley Reservoir in Adams County, ID. We managed an impromptu survey that seems worth reporting just because of the extreme abundance and diversity of butterflies there- 16 species in maybe the space of 100 yards over the course of no more than no minutes from 11:30-1:00. Weather was a warm 82 degrees, no clouds. Habitat was lakeside with abundant asters, Ipomopsis, Geranium, Penstemon, Delphinium, Potentilla, Allium, Achillea millefolium, grasses, and at least one Eriogonum I am unfamiliar with. Really, just an amazing location. We may very well have found additional species with more time and space in the nearby areas.

And, before the list, I have to say that through all of Idaho and western Montana the pale swallowtails and to a lesser extent tiger swallowtails were at an abundance I have personally never seen- is this what you all get to have all the time?? The puddling action was easily in the hundreds at multiple places, among other observations. 

Finally, photos of the one (or two?) purported Euphilotes species (or maybe an unsilvered acmon??) are attached here. I have not done a thorough search of available records yet, I wanted to see what others here thought. I have no experience in this region. 

Lost Valley Reservoir, Adams Co., ID, 7/12/22

Papilio rutulus common
Papilio multicaudata 1-3 ind
Papilio eurymedon extremely abundant

Pontia occidentalis common

Icaricia lupini common
Icaricia saepiolus common
Icaricia icarioides common
Tharsalea helloides common
Euphilotes sp. 3 ind (possibly two species? Photos by Cynthia Scholl attached)

Euphydryas chalcedona common
Coenonympha californica common
Phyiodes pulchella common
Limenitis sp. abundant-- at first I assumed this was lorquini, but is it perhaps lorquini x weidemeyerii in this area? (Sorry no photos)
Nymphalis californica common

Erynnis pacuvius 1-3 ind
unidentified golden skipper

--Kevin Burls

Euphilotes 1.jpgEuphilotes 2.jpgEuphilotes 3.jpg

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