Help identifying a blue from June 2019, Olympia Airport


I was using inaturalist to explore locations where Silvery Blues and Boisduval’s Blues had been reported in prairies of south Puget Sound. I looked at the photo linked below and saw that it had initially been identified as a Boisduval’s Blue (ssp.blackmorei). I didn’t think it was a Boisduval’s Blue and thought it was an Echo Azure. Stewart Wechsler pointed out reasons why he didn’t believe it to be an Echo Azure and I think Stewart is right. Noting Bob Pyles’ words from yesterday, “If you see ANY maculation distal from the mesial band of spots, it is Icaricia.” I believe Stewart Wechsler was probably right in his initial identification of this butterfly as Icaricia. I’d appreciate feedback on this one. I remember seeing many blues that looked like this one, puddling near Johnson’s Prairie on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, many years ago. The ventral hind wing spots have poorly defined (not very white) halos and the dark centers are quite large relative to the light halos. I was totally confused by the ones near Johnson’s Prairie. It will be nice, for me, to settle this so I’ll know what I’m looking at next time.



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