real Celastrina lucia and dorsal colors

Norbert Kondla

Dorsal colors, when you can see them, can be useful to distinguish between some Celastrina species. This despite the effects of lighting variables. C. lucia does have a substantially different dorsal color in comparison to C. echo and C. asheri. C. lucia is primarily a species of the boreal northwest of our continent, mostly western Canada. And so it is not readily available to the great majority of the people on these discussion groups; either as live bugs or as specimens in envelopes or stuck on pins. So I am sharing another crude comparison graphic that shows what you would likely see if you put some specimens side by side under moderate room lighting. Does not matter what color names one wants to use or what numerical color comparison scheme one wishes to use; most people will see these as substantially different

Norbert Kondla
Calgary, Alberta, Canada  (elevation 1060 metres asl)

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