British Columbia Speyeria zerene

Norbert Kondla

I found some old pics of S zerene that I finally put to use in some more digital plates. These are two of the three taxa that are in southern British Columbia: picta (type locality Aspen Grove) and garretti (type locality Cranbrook). I don't have any BC specimens of the third subspecies: bremnerii, described from nearby Washington state. I don't believe that picta and garretti are really subpsecies of zerene and use the name only because it is a popular hypothesis.

I have seen garretti presented in the literature as a distinct species, subspecies of zerene, subspecies of platina, and not being a valid subspecies at all but rather just another population of picta. In a 1942 paper dos Passos and Grey said that garretti is a probable Rocky Mountain extension of the coronis group and also stated "There is some basis for believing that garretti is a northern extension of coronis ...". Actually some garretti specimens do have a coronis/platina appearance to the vhw; something that I have never seen in samples of picta.

Here are links to the recent digital plates:
An older graphic of some topotype picta is here:
and pics of the picta holotype are here:

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