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Norbert Kondla

David, thanks for responding. I have had helpful information from several people offline. So far it appears that the Sony camera will do what I would like it to do. My almost 74 year old legs sympathize with your leg complaints ---
In an ideal world we would have technology that allows one to easily 'fill the frame' with either small or large butterflies at any distance from 2 centimetres to 3 metres. But such tech does not yet exist so I will settle for less than ideal solutions. 

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Norbert, I cannot comment on the Sony RX10m4 as I have no experience with one. However, I will mention two concerns beyond image quality which I have when selecting a camera:

1. Focusing: Can I focus with a manual ring on the lens, or some other way of dealing with a butterfly seen through interfering grasses or branches? Or a butterfly too far away to satisfy the AF targets?

2. What’s the best subject:Image ratio can I get, and from what shooting distance. Unfortunately the best ratio is often at a wide setting, requiring the camera to be very close to the butterfly.

I am eagerly watching the information your inquiry receives. Currently I carry a Canon full-frame with macro lens and a Canon APS-C with 300x1.4. One has built-in GPS, the other a hot-shoe mounted GPS. GPS sure simplifies databasing field observations. However, my 75 year old legs and back complain regularly about the 9-10 pound load on top of a daypack. Don’t know how much longer I can work this way. Depth-of-field problems are easier with smaller sensors, thus my APS-C body.

— David

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I would appreciate emails from anyone who uses a Sony RX10m4 digicam for butterfly photography. I have some questions about how it performs ---


David Lee Myers

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