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Are you a quilter who loves finding free quilting information, quilt patterns, instructions, and designs that are available on the Internet? 
Do you like to discuss techniques, tips and what you are working on?
Would you like to be part of a wonderful community of quilters who share your interests? Then you will enjoy Cyberquilters.

List rules include (but are not limited to): 

No religious, political , advertising, or commercial comments are  permitted in messages sent to the list, or in your signature lines.

Copyright laws and restrictions are strictly adhered to, we *do not* share patterns belonging to others.

We are primarily an ON TOPIC Quilting and Sewing list.  Some discussion regarding other crafts , a  good recipe, or something along those lines is allowed.
This will be a go to, feel good place for fun conversation and cheerful thoughts. Critical comments or 'flaming" will not be tolerated.
While we might sympathize with you if you have tragedy or drama in your life, this quilting list is not the place to discuss it so please don't bring it up.

Members are expected to know and follow list rules. Violations can result in losing your membership.

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