Penguin short calls #vocalisation

Chris Hails

My December registration in this new site has remained intact, and I seem to be getting messages OK. It took me 3 goes to download the archives from Yahoo, they finally came but in a format that I have no idea what to do with! But I have saved the files if anyone knows how to upload I am happy to send. So I am testing out the new system here, and adding a hash tag that I hope is useful, and hopefully helping build new momentum. Thanks to Martyn for driving us to this new location. 

I came across this interesting piece of news this morning: a study on captive penguins shows that short vocalisations occur more frequently in their communications than long ones, this conforms to a theory of human communications and is found in birds for the first time. This could mean that all those little calls, chirps, tweets, etc that we hear between individuals and within flocks (especially now for those of us in the northern winter) really do mean something perhaps, is it just individual recognition or something more? Translators needed please!  You can see the publication abstract here: