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Please identify yourself by Name when joining. This is a Moderated group that provides help for REA's on issues of mutual interest from client pressures, to education and credentials. Journeymen, vocational, professional, retired and trainee appraisers are welcome for their knowledge, insights or questions.

Real estate values are location specific, micro and macro economic forces may affect each sub-market in different ways. If you have identified a local factor that can be quantified in an objective way, please share it.

Please Post Files or Links that will help in the area of Market Analysis, Trend Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Due Diligence, Scope of Work, Measuring Market Trends and Concessions, Records Research, Inspecting Properties by Type, Measuring Most Probable Price verses Highest Price, Performing the Cost Approach including Land Valuation, Verifying Market Data, Proving Market Adjustments, Client Pressures, Civil Liabilities, Criminal Liabilities, etc.

A consensus of Peers can be obtained here, if you postulate your situation in adequate detail to obtain meaningful responses. Create a Poll to get a consensus or email me to set it up

Client pressures can be great, there is little structural support for the diligent appraiser. Hopefully, mutual support, help and guidance can be found here.

Participate or observe in silence. Or send things to
and I will post and you can benefit from the responses from the group.

Please Introduce Your-Self to the group; location, geographic product competencies if any, professional path or goals, etc.

Tell us about the Inventory level & DOM of Listings in Your area. Membership now requires approval due several spammers that joined and immediately sent commercial posts.

Please have a Complete Profile including at least a Name and Location.

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