RG142 Cables for SAA-2N

Mike Wyatt

After requesting info on the RG142 Cables supplied with the SAA-2N without much feedback I ordered and received some RG142 Cables with N type connectors from eBay, these turned out to be almost worthless with poor cable crimping and those cheap type N connectors with the soft inside backing that are difficult to seat properly. Tested these the SAA-2N and Siglent SSA3021X Plus "expanded" to 3.2GHz & "enhanced" to VNA capabilities, confirmed the cables poor performance.

After no luck with the cables went ahead and ordered another SAA-2N, mainly for the cables but also as a backup. Having the EE curse or blessing depending on how you view things, I have to disassemble things to "see" how they are made, assembled and study the architecture. So the SAA-2N was taken apart and report for the cost this is a nice design and assembly, and tribute to Zeenko!

After numerous requests Zeenko has offered the nice RG142 cables and connectors that come with the SAA-2N, so if you need additional cables you don't have to purchase a complete SAA-2N like I did!! Here's a link to the Zeenko store and the cables.


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