Re: Is it safe to buy a Nanovna V2 Plus 4 from Aliexpress or Ebay?

David J Taylor

On 31/12/2021 12:16, Dale Robins - 2W0ODS wrote:
Hi David,
Unfortunately in 2021 (Or 2022 in a few hours) it is $199 on Tindie + $14.50 shipping. Which is well over the £135 threshold.
And will end up costing me well over £300 by the time the VAT, Customs Duty, Processing Fee, Courier fees and any other charges get added.

Prices have increased both because of shipping costs and semiconductor shortages.

Yes, there's a risk of extra charges, but you don't have to use DHL - you could try the China Post (or whatever) option. I have seen parcels marked less than the price I paid, or "sample" or whatever, and at the moment the staff may be working on more urgent issues.

Both the links you posted look physically identical to what I have, and the developer claims there are no clones.

As an impulsive buyer, I would get it now before the price goes up again!

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