Re: Is it safe to buy a Nanovna V2 Plus 4 from Aliexpress or Ebay?

David J Taylor

On 31/12/2021 03:00, Dale Robins - 2W0ODS wrote:
I've narrowed down my next VNA and want to get a Genuine Nanovna V2 Plus 4,
My only options are from Aliexpress or eBay as if I buy from anywhere that does not take VAT at the time of purchase
it will cost me lots of extra charges from the courier/customs. So Tindie is not possible for me as it could end up costing over £300

I saw this on Aliexpress and want to know if it is genuine or not.

Or eBay UK

Many thanks
In October 2020, my Tindie V2plus4 cost ~$134 from China. $129 device, $4.90
post & packing. I provided my own 18650 cell.

Other charges take your chance, of course.

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